CPG Food Industry Trends 2021

ith enabling technologies like social media, mobile apps, and other digital technologies that pave the path to purchase, CPG foods companies are feeling the glare of the consumer spotlight.

The State of Virtual Events 2022

As the global workforce has gone largely digital, so have the jobs of marketers and event organizers. In-person events are still largely on hold and their staying power remains unclear.

The Asana Playbook to OKRs

Today, businesses are more complex and global in scope than they have ever been. Hence, always organised mindset is crucial to thrive.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is quite simply the use of software/services to automate and streamline marketing activities.

What is MarTech?

MarTech. What is MarTech? Shortened from Marketing Technology, like most technology, it’s use is to make life easier, in this case for Marketers.

Mindy Teo | The Ascott

Read the thought’s of Mindy Teo on emerging opportunities, trends, evaluating MarTech Stacks and more.