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Orathai Chanyaphaiboonlap | Krungsri Auto

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How has your approach to customer engagement/retention/loyalty changed due to new MarTech tools and solutions?

We have a dedicated team to retain our customers by using our insight team to visit customers in the upcountry with surveys to get the real feedback so we can improve our agility approach. As I’m on digital innovation duty, I work closely with the loyalty team to come up with new MarTech tools or solutions. We don’t get many chances to encounter customers (maybe once when they request for a loan and when they finish paying up the loan) therefore we thrive to provide and create a memorable experience for customers with the limited number of encounters we have.

With all the new MarTech tools and solutions now available, what’s one of the key pitfalls to avoid in the procurement process?

There must be an alignment of company strategy, especially digital strategy since our system has a lot of involvement with the legacy system which is still difficult to change the whole back end infrastructure. Typical procurement would look for something that is the most price competitive but with the technology available now there are many options to create something that is not static and best serve our requirements and can easily be adapted when new technology comes.

How have you best managed to integrate legacy systems with new MarTech solutions?

Some of our solutions we use small players like good start-ups in Thailand.

What MarTech vendors have impressed you with their solutions and understanding of true business needs and challenges?

Salesforce has provided some solutions assisting in creating work efficiency and system integration.

How has your organization / team dealt with the challenge of the marketing industry and wider digital world evolving at such a fast pace?

We are a big organization that compose of old and new members, the difficulties in convincing the stakeholders to understand new tech and how applying new tech can help them has been a challenge.

Currently, what are you primarily looking for in your digital marketing efforts? Awareness or engagement? Why?

We want to utilize our customers data to its maximum utilization. We want to understand customer behaviour better and make use of something they want without realizing that this could help their lives even easier.

What is your key takeaway piece of advice that you would give when speaking to others on how to evaluate and select a MarTech stack?

Innovation at any organization or business size takes patience, education and well-planned strategy for adoption from the resource within the organization. Find the right sponsor for your project. This can elevate decision time and execution faster. Strategic collaboration is a winning key to digital innovation

How did your MarTech journey begin? Please let us know your top 3 findings and discoveries.

World of collaboration – understanding the world of small fish with tremendous capabilities with strength of legacy can collaborate for a new innovative possibility Corporates – Legacy and how new tools is not always the answer but more of a strategy in maintaining the existing infrastructure and applying new tech to make the organization more efficient. Innovation – Takes time for adoption and time to develop the product to market.

For you and your team, which is currently recognized as the larger challenge – MarTech integration or MarTech strategy?

Getting data from various source and interpreting that data to provide meaningful and useful information back to BU. Centralize hub and scatter of projects from each BU or products.

Have you mainly chosen to adopt established MarTech or have you also looked into the emerging opportunities? Which?

We use several well-known brands such as Google Analytics, Tableau, and Salesforce for different departments. These tools are used heavily to understand customer insights better and to leverage the operational excellence and efficiency.

Which MarTech brands have you found have / are close to best meeting your expectations when it comes to customer experience? Let us know of any brands which have exceeded expectations.

Google has always delivered new technology with an edge as well as being the trend setter in the industry.

What do you predict as being the top MarTech trends for 2020?

Ecosystem integrations, API and centralized hub Sales and marketing PDPA AI and Machine learning 5G and mobile.

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