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Read the thoughts of Soner Sensoy on Marketing Technologies and the Marketing Strategies, as part of the MarTech Thoughts interview series.

Experiential marketing has been around for quite a while but given the nature of the fierce competition of today, it has never been more important than it is now. Give this wiki a read to learn more about Experiential Marketing!

As the world becomes more conscious about their personal data and more legislation (GDPR, CCPA, PDPA etc.) around this now, business’s will need to be careful in how they handle data.

With the advancement of technology and changing work cultures, you do not need to be in the office every day anymore, remote working is reshaping the workplace.

Mobile devices are now readily available and with an estimate of 2/3 of the population owning a mobile device, companies are desperate to tap into this market.

5G isn’t even fully released yet and now there are talks of 6G?! Evolution has always been embedded into human nature, society nowadays will always demand the next generation and companies will seek to gain an advantage by getting ahead of the game.

As 5G, the 5th generation of wireless communication technology, begins to be adopted across the globe (or already in use dependent on your location), it opens up a whole branch of opportunities, particularly in the MarTech Landscape and Internet of Things (IoT).