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Post-Summit Report | Global Virtual Summit: Europe Track 2020

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That’s a wrap on the Global MarTech Virtual Summit: Europe Track! A huge thank you to the 20+ speakers, 3 sponsors, and over 600+ attendees who tuned in virtually on 11/11.

Here are four of our top takeaways:

1. Embrace the powerful potential of data

In the summit’s first fireside chat, Patrick Kelly from ITV Commercial said, “By investing in data, you’re democratising the information and therefore empowering your team to make more informed decisions.” Data should be measured often and made available to all employees to align strategy with buy-in, which can ultimately impact the bottom line.

2. Automation is transformative

These days, automation not only saves time by allowing you and your team to focus on other tasks, but it is also a competitive advantage. To ensure automation is prioritised in your organization, Wioleta Kawecka of Finder.com suggests “elevating automation as a company objective. Highlight how it will transform your key objectives connected to revenue and customer experience.”

3. Intention is everything

In an insightful keynote presented by Dash Hudson, Elise Ngobi shared, “When your social commerce strategy is rooted in your brand’s values and visual identity, it means no matter where a consumer is coming from, they’ll encounter a cohesive story.” In a time when consumers are more digitally savvy and logged in than ever before, every touchpoint needs to be intentional, aligned, and serve to drive the conversation forward. Chris Liversidge, CEO of QueryClick, added that personalization is the key to community and engagement.

4. Your employees are your greatest assets

During a time of immense change, flexibility and adaption are steered by the team and helmed by your leadership team. In the Fireside Chat “Digital Transformation – Are We Ready?”, Byron Flores from Novartis noted that the biggest factor for driving change in an organization are the people and the culture as they don’t just create a new “layer” but a whole “eruption.”

As we inch towards the end of a momentous year like no other, it is our hope that these challenging times provide the foundation for a stronger recovery and future growth in our everyday lives and businesses. While there are still many unknowns, we salute all of you who have taken the time to join The Global Virtual MarTech Summit in the spirit of perpetual learning, openness, and adaption.

This summit also wouldn’t have been possible without the help of our partners, sponsors, speakers, and community. Thank you for your continued support!

Have any takeaways of your own? We’d love to hear them! Use the hashtag #VirtualMarTech and mention us on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, and/or Instagram. Our sessions are available on demand here.

By: Casey Kwon

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