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Predictive Advertising

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As you go about your life, do you see more ads that are relevant to you? Welcome to the era of predictive advertising.

It is no secret that campaigns are a lot smarter than their predecessors via the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. No one can process the sheer amount of data that gets thrown about nowadays, machine learning is the hero that churns through the historical data, giving you predictive analytics. This can then be used to predict future outcomes by analysing behavioural patterns, for example who’s more likely to pay off a credit card? These are the people that you would want to target with more loans, leading to targeted and personalized ads.

The advertising world has been revolutionised by predictive advertising. Traditional digital campaigns have greatly benefited as campaigns are optimized by this data, there is no longer the often-ineffective blanket approach. Audiences can now be segmented and targeted to ensure your resources don’t go to waste. Another game-changer is the use of in-market audience targeting; similar audiences can quickly be assembled to be hit with your campaign.

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, particularly machine learning, expect predictive advertising to get smarter.

By: Matthew Lin

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