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Post-Summit Report | Global Virtual Summit: APAC Track 2020

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Hang on… is 2020 really almost over? WOW, it seemed like it was just 2019 yesterday..

Previously at the Global Virtual MarTech Summit APAC Track on 11 November 2020, 6+ hours of LIVE, high quality content from the top solution providers and market leading industry companies have been generated and consumed by over a whooping 1600 attendees from 25+ countries from all around the world! Thanks again to everyone attended, nothing but pure pride and gratitude from the team.

On the day, hundreds of attendees have enjoyed networking with each other with our live chat function and asked over 100 questions to our thought-leader speakers through Q&A. A wide range of trending topics in the field of marketing have been discussed. Let’s quickly rewind some of the topic themes:

What we discussed at a glance:

  • Content Marketing & Personalisation
  • The Role of Technology in times of Crisis
  • How to capitalise on disruptive technologies and get the competitive edge?
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Engagement, Acquisition and Retention
  • Collaboration with internal stakeholders
  • Data Driven Marketing
  • Omnichannel marketing innovation

Moreover, to offer our community the most value possible, we’ve also run a post-event workshop the day after the event to which a 380+ interested members signed up to!

In short 2020 has been learning, learning and some more learning for us! Just to prove you that we took notes while learning as well, below are some highlighted quotes from our Global Virtual MarTech Summit: APAC Track!

  • ​“One of the main problems to a MarTech project is the alignment of stakeholders, to help this you should use a RACI chart, send it out companywide to determine who the stakeholders should be” Colin Williamson, Head of Digital Marketing, Tyro Payments
  • “In how the marketing landscape has changed, companies having to not only digitise the ways they communicate but their offering as well, content has become even more key then it was before COVID.” Antoine Bouchacourt, VP Asia, Shootsta
  • “During lockdown, we’ve seen a greater adoption of CDPs and bringing together disparate data sources so we can leverage more data for clients that they weren’t able to get their hands on previously” Corrina Murphy, Chief MarTech Officer, Digital Transformation, Ogilvy

Like what you have read above? Great! Because we have no intention of slowing down and are working hard to provide you with the most recent and relevant content as always.

Your proposals on what you wish to hear is always welcome. The team appreciates the feedback and are always looking for ways to improve. As a result, we ended up giving tens of free on-demand content to everyone who has participated in our short event survey!

The MarTech Summit Team was pleased to host an elite community and look forward to doing it again with pleasure.

By: Rahmi Atalay

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