Omnichannel Marketing

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Omnichannel, sounds godly and all-powerful doesn’t it? To a marketer it certainly is. As digital touchpoints increases, marketing strategies needs to be adapted to include all channels in order to push out a unified message. Enter Omnichannel Marketing.

It is defined as cross-channel marketing that aligns content delivery across all the different types of channels a customer may use. That way it greatly improves the customer journey by providing a seamless and consistent experience. Several components will make up the cross-channel, online (website), offline (physical store), social media and adverts are just a few.

How about a real-life example? During your daily, or hourly, Facebook browsing, an advert catches your eye (this advert appears due to your browsing history), you then click on it, taking you through to the website. You add a few things into your basket, put in all your payment, address and personal details and just when you’re about to hit buy you get distracted and exit the page. A few days later you get an email from said company, they inform you of the forgotten items in your basket. They then offer you a special first buyer discount with free delivery, bargain! You then complete your purchase.

That is essentially omnichannel marketing, using a mixture of channels, they captured your attention and gave a highly personalised and unique user experience.

By: Matthew Lin

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