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Experiential Marketing

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Understanding consumer behaviour and their consumption experiences with products and services is a vital component of marketing. However, it has not always been the case. In the era of Madman, marketers’ sole focus was to get their products before the eyes of the public as often and prominently as possible. Then, we as marketers learned about (Not so surprisingly) sensory overload, and that’s when we realised that after all, we are marketing to humans, sentimental species.

Hence, marketers have come to realise that insight into how consumers experience products, services and their brands and, in turn, how marketers can provide appealing experiences for their customers, is crucial to position and differentiate their offerings in the competitive environment.

It makes perfect sense when you realise that all the memorable brand interactions you have had consist of pleasant or unpleasant experiences.

Today, there is a myriad of ways to differentiate an experience, be it a little change like the premium packaging of Apple or a huge one like the theme parks of Disney, given the tools and examples we have available today, there’s no excuse to not try and improve your experiential marketing offerings.

By Rahmi Atalay

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