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Data-Driven Marketing

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Gone are the days of the shotgun, wide net, blanket approaches in marketing. Your marketing campaigns can now be a lot more effective and targeted.

Data-driven marketing allows marketers to optimize their campaigns as it can identify what works and what doesn’t. This allows better and faster decision making as well as better insights into customer needs. Collecting data is just the start, you’ll also need to organize the data to better segment your audience at an individual level.

MarTech trends are also shaping the future of data-driven marketing. Personalisation plays a huge role in campaigns now and will continue to do so and like a lot of companies now take on an omnichannel approach where all the various data sources will need to be united. Even though more data is being collected than ever, customers are also more aware of this hence why it’s important to have data privacy as part of your strategy.

With so much data being collected in today’s world, you’d be a fool to not have your marketing data-driven.

By: Matthew Lin

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