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Marketing Automation

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Marketing Automation is quite simply the use of software/services to automate and streamline marketing activities. Thanks to the rise of technology, many marketers can wave repetitive tasks, such as social media posting, email campaigns and adverts, goodbye.

To execute automation effectively, you can’t rely on the software alone but will also need a good strategy behind it. As companies become more customer-centric, it has become important to hit customers with the right message and at the right time. Businesses can target their customers across a whole range of platforms, such as email, social, text and web. The customer journey can be managed with workflows to allow segmentation of data, allowing your audience to receive the best content tailored to their actions.

Automation allows repetitive tasks to be shunted aside and marketers can focus more of their time on other tasks at hand. No more staying up at 2am to ensure your Facebook post hits your audience on the other side of the world at the right time.

By: Matthew Lin

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