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How has your approach to customer engagement/retention/loyalty changed due to new MarTech tools and solutions?

Simplified our process, target/focus more on personalised content, clear understanding of the customer journey and reduction in cost

With all the new MarTech tools and solutions now available, what’s one of the key pitfalls to avoid in the procurement process?

Clear understanding & differentiating between the MarTech solution provider based on business requirements.

How have you best managed to integrate legacy systems with new MarTech solutions?

Through open API and conducting workshops with our IT team and MarTech solution providers.

What MarTech vendors have impressed you with their solutions and understanding of true business needs and challenges?

SMarTech, Insider, CleverTap, Kata.ai, Yellow Messenger, MoEngage.

How has your organisation / team dealt with the challenge of the marketing industry and wider digital world evolving at such a fast pace?

Our Mobile APP is our centre of business.

Currently, what are you primarily looking for in your digital marketing efforts? Awareness or engagement? Why?

We cannot ignore both awareness & engagement but we primarily optimised our digital marketing efforts towards performance (meaningful ROI).

What is your key takeaway piece of advice that you would give when speaking to others on how to evaluate and select a MarTech stack?

Select the solution based on your business needs & how sophisticatedly integrated it is with their back-end system. There isn’t a necessary need to implement the full MarTech stack.

How did your MarTech journey begin? Please let us know your top 3 findings and discoveries.

During 2013 it started with email & web push notification.

  1. Improved engagement
  2. Personalised content
  3. A better understanding of the customer journey

For you and your team, which is currently recognised as the larger challenge – MarTech integration or MarTech strategy?

MarTech Integration with our system.

Have you mainly chosen to adopt established MarTech or have you also looked into the emerging opportunities? Which?

Based on business requirement & flexibility to adopt with our system.

What do you predict as being the top MarTech trends for 2020?

Conversational AI chat

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