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I know what you’re thinking, another tech?! MarTech, Ad-Tech & Fin-Tech may be some of the more common ones. With the explosion of software coinciding with the rise in technology, there’s probably a tech for most things now. There are also HR-Tech, Prop-Tech, Ops-Tech, Legal-Tech, whatever your industry/discipline, stick a tech at the end of it and it’ll probably exist.

We’ll focus on Financial Technology (Fin-Tech) here. As the name suggests, it is technology related to financial services, whether it’s improving or automating processes. The most basic Fin-Tech helps companies, CFOs, employees better manage financial operations, mostly on computers but smartphones/tablets are also getting in on the act.

Fin-Tech covers quite a lot of categories such as lending, payments, financial research, investments, banking infrastructures, remittances & a lot more. This list is expected to grow as technology advances further. The financial world is now far beyond simple money exchanges.

By: Matthew Lin

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