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Cloud-Based Marketing Technologies

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The cloud. Probably one of the words that had the biggest addition in meaning in the past decade or so. It’s not just about laying in a field and identifying which cloud looks like a dog. The cloud in MarTech terms now refers to a digital integrated space where team members can collaborate together.

It’s not just one cloud for a particular department as well, solution companies have developed powerful “clouds” where the whole company can use. Sales, operations, marketing, customer service, finance can now all jump on the same system, yay for customer experience! The way companies operate now with the help of cloud-based technologies have made improvements to productivity, efficiency and accuracy, regardless of industry.

In a data-rich filled world, there’s no doubt that marketing campaigns are now mostly data-driven, with the use of cloud-based marketing technology, marketers can segment the data even better creating highly personalised and targeted campaigns to a very selective group of people.

Since the entire company often have access to one system, the target of giving a good customer experience and journey is now spread across to multiple departments and not just solely marketing and sales.

By: Matthew Lin

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