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Post-Summit Report | The MarTech Summit Berlin, 6 March 2024

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The MarTech Summit Berlin 2024, held at the InterContinental Hotel Berlin on March 6, brought together industry leaders, innovators, and enthusiasts to explore the latest trends and strategies shaping the marketing technology landscape. With a diverse lineup of topics ranging from Innovating Emails to the Future of Work in marketing, the event provided attendees with valuable insights and actionable takeaways.

The summit showcased over 14 live sessions featuring more than 30 speakers, encompassing a wide range of formats including keynote presentations, lightning talks, fireside chats, and panel discussions. As well as 2 deep dive breakout sessions. To further enrich the experience, every session had their own Q&A, providing our diverse audience with ample opportunities for engaging discussions and meaningful insights to ponder upon.

In total, we had the privilege of hosting representatives from over 150 companies, including renowned names such Paramount+, Kuehne+Nagel, Huk24, ltur GmbH, Pfizer, Wolt, Idealo, HARTING Electronics GmbH, Getir, ABOUT YOU, GoStudent, TUI Deutschland GmbH, Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, Deutsche Bahn AG, Outfittery, Deutsche Telekom AG, Wefox, AUTO1, Wayfair, Danone Deutschland GmbH, Delivery Hero, Raisin GmbH, Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, Roche Deutschland Holding GmbH, Bayer, Barclays Europe, Dr. Oetker, Henkel, Singapore Airlines, and many more! Certainly, the diversity of industries enriched the learning and networking in the summit.

Summit Highlights

Throughout the event, thought-provoking insights were shared by esteemed speakers:

Teresa Rüskamp, Product Owner, MarTech, home24 emphasised the importance to “Take them along for the ride. Get to know the team’s pain points, work jointly on a solution and be transparent on what is possible or not. Introduce them to new technologies and their possibilities by showcasing POCs” when transforming marketing teams making them future-ready.

With further insight on how teams can work better together for better profit and cost-effectiveness Melanie Schiller, Head of Brand Communication, Octopus Energy Germany GmbH added “It’s not about marketing or sales, in the end it’s all about what the customer wants and needs.”

On a fabulous fireside chat about how to activate omnichannel personalisation to curate new journeys across multiple channels and touchpoints Elena Zhigalina, Head of Brand & Communications, zolar discussed how “an effective omnichannel strategy must prioritise message consistency across channels, data utilisation, and undergo testing before scaling up to ensure alignment with the overarching goals.”

Roman Studeny, Product Director, MarTech, Kiwi.com carried on this conversation stating that “If you would like to setup successful omnichannel strategy you need to start with common understanding of goals across the board. Introduction of shared OKRs could be very helpful, but you need to assure that all stakeholders understand it the same way.”

This led to a poll for the audience focused on OKRs and driving omnichannel strategies.

Attendees also gained valuable insights from industry experts, including a focus on a discussion on which marketing strategies used have had the best customer engagement.

One of our panels asked the following word cloud question for our audience member’s input:

With further insight when discussing digital transformation Simon Kinzel, Head of E-Commerce, Tchibo says “Transformation is not always a linear process and starting with an MVP can go a long way to making a big change in the future.”

There was also the opportunity to deep dive into sales enablement and marketing automation through two breakout discussions. These both saw great conversations and value exchange, giving people the opportunity to let their thoughts be heard and ideas validated!


The MarTech Summit Berlin 2024 provided attendees with a platform to exchange ideas, gain insights, and forge meaningful connections within the marketing technology community. With thought-provoking discussions and actionable takeaways, the event empowered participants to drive innovation and success in their respective fields.

As we reflect on the engaging sessions and impactful conversations, we look forward to implementing the strategies and insights gained from the summit to fuel growth and advancement in the dynamic world of marketing technology.

Future Engagement

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and MarTech enthusiasts who joined us in a remarkable display of networking and learning at the summit.

The MarTech Summit Team is thrilled to have had the opportunity to host such an exceptional and interactive community once again. We invite you to stay connected with us for future updates by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack!

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By: Catherine Collinge

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