Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Chatbots

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Chatbots, if these words don’t mean anything to you, you might be forgiven as these three are currently part of the most explosive branch of marketing.

AI in marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, often bridging the gap to mountains of data to an executable decision. It can be used to predict your customer’s next move, thus improving the customer journey, which will then have a knock-on effect on loyalty and retainment. Data insights can greatly improve campaigns, decision making and strategy.

Machine Learning, a component in AI, has also played its part in revolutionizing marketing as it allows AI systems to automatically learn and adapt from experiences. The most significant growth benefit is through improving customer experience and support. Real-time personalized messages hitting the customer across multiple digital platforms will greatly improve sales, all thanks to Machine Learning.

Chatbots are pretty much an AI program designed to be able to speak with you, programmed to cover most FAQs, while more advanced ones will be powered by AI. Alexa, Siri, Cortana are today’s household names but it all actually began in 1966 with ELIZA, so while the concept isn’t new, technological advancements have accelerated its evolution. Chatbots in marketing, like AI, can greatly influence a customer journey, forget about trawling through pages of product, simply ask the bot what you’re after and it’ll find it for you. They are often integrated into daily messenger apps, making the whole experience relatable and smooth.

Companies are greatly expanding their AI capabilities due to the huge implications it can bring for them. It truly is the future of marketing.

By: Matthew Lin

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