Marketing in the Metaverse

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With COVID-19 disrupting our lives, technologies focusing on connecting remote people have seen a dramatic boost. With that said, the metaverse is now one of the hottest topics in the modern world. It offers a myriad of opportunities for a variety of industries and purposes and big tech companies are at the forefront of mass adoption. The biggest move came from Facebook rebranding as Meta in an attempt to lead the way. But many marketers are still not sure how is it going to impact their efforts in reaching target audiences.

What is the Metaverse?

In short, Metaverse refers to virtual shared spaces, assets, and tools that anyone can access with an internet connection, sometimes using AR & VR devices to interact with one another in an immersive way.

How is it disrupting the marketing practice?

With metaverse, digital experiences became more immersive & seamless by eliminating the one-way communication in traditional internet shopping and allowing the sellers to engage with customers during the shopping experience in a very similar fashion to offline shopping.

For marketers, there is a myriad of opportunities from billboard advertisements to product tests, fairs to holistic product launches, gamification, digital storytelling, product placement, NFTs, and many more. Above mentioned are just a fraction of marketing opportunities in Metaverse and the good part is, any company at any stage can benefit from these according to their business needs. Be it awareness or conversion, it’s the perfect time to explore and get involved with Metaverse

By Rahmi Atalay

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