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“The customer is always right”. The dreaded words for every person who’s ever worked in a customer facing role. Whether you agree with it or not, customer experience has become a critical component for a large majority of organisations of all sizes.

Our data has never been collected as much as it has in today’s world. The rapid and expanding growth of Internet of Thing (IoT) has led to multiple customers data sources, such as a mobile phone, smartwatch, laptop, your home desktop, car navigation, smart home appliances, the list grows quickly very fast. As marketers turn to a data-driven approach, they can easily find themselves in a data filled heaven.

But with opportunities, come challenges. Pulling together multiple sources of data and segmenting each part is the main challenge. Then you have the actual tech itself, can they communicate and connect with each effectively. If you don’t overcome these 2 obstacles, the customer experience will deteriorate.

The ultimate goal is to create highly personalised experiences with your connected customers. Taking advantage of all the collected data, this is your chance to deliver authentic and memorable experiences that will resonate with customers. Making them feel valued, appreciated and ultimately increasing customer loyalty.

By: Matthew Lin

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