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The Marketer’s Guide on Future-Proofing Digital Creative Production — Insights from Celtra

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80% of marketers believe their digital advertising strategy could benefit from improved creative technology. Are you one of them?

Browse through Celtra’s latest brief to see how implementing creative automation can help you future-proof your digital advertising production and keep up with rising demands.

What does Celtra do?

Celtra empowers businesses to produce their most creative and impactful work with creative automation.

By combining cloud-based design software and automation, Celtra helps creative and marketing teams drive the efficiency, speed and quality of their digital advertising production. Celtra’s customers include top creative companies, including adidas, Spotify, Unilever and GoPro.

Celtra was our sponsor for The MarTech Summit Roundtable London in June 2023! Find out what we discussed at the summit in the Post Summit Report.

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