Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

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ABM is a targeted marketing strategy that focuses on specific, high-value accounts rather than targeting a larger group of leads or prospects. ABM is often used in B2B marketing, where the sales cycle is longer and the value of each customer is typically higher.

In ABM, marketing and sales teams work together to identify and engage with a specific set of accounts. They use personalised marketing and sales tactics to build relationships with these accounts and nurture them through the sales process. This may include creating customised content and messaging, reaching out to decision-makers at the target accounts, and using social media and other digital channels to engage with potential customers.

ABM can be an effective way to drive growth and increase revenue, especially for companies that sell complex products or services to large organisations. It can also be more cost effective than traditional marketing tactics, as it allows companies to focus their efforts on a smaller group of accounts that are most likely to generate revenue.

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