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5G will open up several avenues in how marketing technology will advance and will grow MarTech stacks.

Mobile marketing, particularly video marketing is said to be one of the biggest benefactors of 5G. Videos take up a huge amount of data, file sizes are often limited and long download times may cause the audience to give up waiting. Goodbye potential lead. Companies are spending more on mobile marketing every day in order to capture attention, like it or not, phones and tablets are one of the pillars of society now.

Interactive ads will become a lot more prominent, with data being able to be exchanged at high speeds, faster loading will ensure audiences do not drop off due to delays in loading. Live-streaming at 4K as well as AR/VR ads can now be easily accomplished.

Personalisation, if all the smart devices in your house are connected to 5G, high quality data can be easily retrieved and used for more complex, in-depth and personalized adverts. Ran out of a certain food item? Your smart fridge will notify your supermarket who will remind you.

The race now is how fast industries will adapt to and utilise 5G, they will need to revamp infrastructures to be able to handle the sheer amount of data 5G will bring.

By: Matthew Lin

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