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Customer Data Optimisation

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As many of you would know, marketing decisions are now often data-driven and one of the best decisions you can make for your MarTech stack is optimising your customer data.

Gone are the days where marketers rely solely on their instincts (although they are still handy), there are now plenty of tools available to analyse data, providing trends and insights to help with decision making. Data often now comes from multiple sources as digital touchpoints increases; therefore, it is imperative that data segmentation is done accurately, that way you can improve the customer journey and experience by providing subscribers with a personalised message delivered at the right time. By strategically targeting specific groups with similar interests and habits, you’ll be saving a lot of time and effort instead of blanket messaging.

While most marketers main focus is on the quantity size, it’s important to not let quality be neglected. You can have thousands of email addresses, without names there’s no personalisation, without country data, you risk your email campaign arriving at an odd hour and without job titles that specific email promoting a business intelligence tool may land in the inbox of a sous chef.

With technology moving forward and incalculable data being generated every second, you’d be foolish to not optimise your customer data.

By: Matthew Lin

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