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Grand Tour of 57 Customer Advocacy Programmes — Insight from Mention Me

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Unlocking Customer Advocacy with Mention Me’s Insights

Partnering with Mention Me, we’re excited to help you discover the potential of turning customers into advocates and supercharging your MarTech Stack. Mention Me empowers brands to harness the power of customer advocacy, gathering invaluable first-party data that enhances your MarTech Stack and enriches the overall Customer Experience.

Grand Tour of 57 Customer Advocacy Programmes

Explore success stories from 57 brands across various industries, showcasing how they harness customer advocacy to boost revenue and secure long-term growth.

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Advocacy

This whitepaper is your go-to resource for CMOs, CRM professionals, and CX leaders. It offers strategic guidance, insightful perspectives, and real-world case studies to transform your customer economics.

Mention Me Use-Cases: 4 Ways to Drive Revenue Through Your Fans

Gain practical insights into four proven strategies to leverage your advocates and drive revenue growth.

Huel Case Study: Turning Recommendations into Customers

Discover how Huel achieves an impressive 60% conversion rate from recommendations, unlocking the potential of word-of-mouth marketing.

What does Mention Me do?

Mention Me empowers brands to turn customers advocates into their biggest growth driver.

As well as acquiring high-quality new customers, our platform gathers rich first-party data capable of enhancing the entire MarTech stack and wider customer experience. Since 2013, our unique Referral Engineering® approach has delivered more than 5.5m referrals totalling USD $1.5bn in revenue for 500 brands, including Charlotte Tilbury, Farfetch, Nutmeg, Pret a Manger and PUMA.

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