Agenda – The MarTech Summit London
17th & 18th November 2022
@etc.venues 133 Houndsditch London

Day 1 - Thursday 17th November

08:00 - 09:00 Arrival & Energiser Breakfast

09:00 - 09:10

Chairperson Introduction & Overview

09:10 - 09:55

Panel Discussion | [MarTech Stack] Maximising Growth Through Stronger MarTech & Business Strategy Alignment

– Focusing on desired outcomes – how MarTech drives growth
– How to enhance MarTech performance through cross functional collaboration
– How to ensure internal engagement to support MarTech objectives

Áine Bryn

Partner & Chief Marketing Officer

Owen Gill

Digital Marketing Lead

Janis Thomas

Ecommerce & Marketing Director

Tim Nicholson

VP Sales UK

09:55 - 10:15

Keynote | [Predictive AI] Giving Customers More of What They Love

– Learn how creative intelligence and predictive insights can power brands to select content that will work in a variety of territories across all demographics and ensure campaign success
– Take a closer look at case studies and creative decisions that have been powered by AI in the fields of social media, advertising, and marketing
– Stop making guesses with your most valuable advertising asset, and start making informed creative choices on what will perform best with your customers

Stefan Britton

Senior Director, New Business & Innovation Solutions

10:15 - 10:45

Fireside Chat | [CX + DX] Successful Tactics on How to Prioritise Next Generation CX & DX

– Rolling out CX digitalisation that builds loyalty
– Intelligent customer experience transformations through data insights

Trevor Gordon

Global Transformation Director – Customer

Richard De Villa

Head of Marketing, UK & Europe

10:45 - 11:15 Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

11:15 - 11:35

Keynote | [Customer Data Platforms] Building Unforgettable Digital Experiences with Innovative Platforms

– Using digital experience platforms to interact with customers
– Customer Data Platforms (CDP) & how they consolidate content, context & data to deliver AI/ML experiences in BFSI landscape?

Nicky Peterse

Principal Customer Success Manager

11:35 - 12:20

Panel Discussion | [Account Based Marketing] How Did ABM Humanise B2B Marketing?

– What practices of ABM can improve the account relationships or the campaign strategies
– A look into the case studies of ABM implementation on B2B

Kate Bremner

Director, Digital & Content Marketing

Rollo Gwyn-Jones

Global Director of Marketing

Francesco Federico

Head of MarTech

12:20 - 13:55 Seasonal Mezze Lunch - Exhibition Area

13:55 - 14:15

Keynote | [Video Experience Cloud] Creating a Winning Hybrid Events Strategy

– Which event types work best for different audiences
– What attendees have grown to expect and love about various types of events
– Which engagement tools can help give your events a boost
– How marketers drive real business value from digital experiences

Lilach Dahan

Director of Product Marketing

14:15 - 15:00

Panel Discussion | [Storytelling] How We Leveraged an Engaged Community to Communicate Our Story Organically?

– Our approach & biggest lessons learnt
– Who champions storytelling in our business & how we ensure diversity & inclusivity in our stories

Charlotte Ford

Head of Brand Marketing & Engagement

Nick Rose

Head of Brand, Marketing & Digital Communications

Paula Murphy


Victoria Hatcher

Senior Director, Global Marketing

15:00 - 15:20

Keynote | [Social Listening] Social Media Trends 2023

– Top 10 biggest trends in social media in 2023
– Data-backed insights on why trends will matter in the next year (and beyond)
– Input from global experts and industry veterans on why these trends matter
– A combination of insights and brand actions to maximize outcomes for consumers and brands

Jack Richards

Team Lead, Marketing Northern Europe

15:20 - 15:50 Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

15:50 - 16:20

Fireside Chat | [Digital Transformation] Scaling your Retail Media Business: Challenges, Constraints & Opportunities for Retailers

– Understanding the challenges that retailers must overcome to scale their media and data monetisation business
– Understand more about the issues retailers encounter across technology, organisation and process as they move from nascent to mature media providers, and the best way to resolve them
– Gain insight into how tackling these challenges improves scalability, creates operational efficiencies, and increases revenue

David Billings

Global VP of Digital Media

Julie Jeancolas

Global Head of Media & Customer Engagement Solutions

16:20 - 16:40

Keynote | [Digital Marketing Platform] Driving Conversions & Retention at Low Effort with the Right Mix of Digital Tools

– Get a better understanding of how to assess your current digital strategy
– Learn how tools such as email, transactional messages live chat, & automation can benefit every stage of your client journey
– Set up a plan to improve conversion rates & support your retention efforts
– Design powerful campaigns & effective scenarios that convert.

Will Hearn

Head of Sales

16:40 - 17:25

Panel Discussion | [Human Centred Approach] Winning Customers Back – Strategies for Reengagement & Encouragement to Return

– How to design targeted activity, using existing data
– How modern leadership and design thinking is a must for sustainable business success
– Championing a customer-centric culture using MarTech

Pete Markey

Chief Marketing Officer

Radmila Blazheska

Chief Marketing Officer

Lynzi Ashworth

Marketing Director – Global Campaigns & Analytics Centre of Excellence

17:25 - 19:00 Networking Drinks Reception - Exhibition Area - 121 Meetings

Day 2 - Friday 18th November

08:00 - 09:00 Arrival & Energiser Breakfast

09:00 - 09:10

Chairperson Introduction & Overview

09:10 - 09:45

Fireside Chat | [Digital Transformation] “Innovate or Die”: How Businesses Managed Uncertainty & Maintain Organisational Efficiency

– The importance of adapting your organisation structure & culture when you innovate amid uncertainties
– Choosing the right marketing strategy & technology based on data under different contexts

Tricia Weener

EVP, Chief Marketing Officer, Marketing & Comms

Jennifer Gibson

Head of Marketing & Communications, East Hemisphere

09:45 - 10:05

Keynote | [Systems Thinking] The Retail Media Opportunity for CPG Brands

– Much is spoken about the opportunity for grocers to minimise the margin dampening they are experiencing thanks to global macro-economic trends, including gas price volatility, geo-political conflict & the impact on supply chains, but what about the opportunity for their CPG suppliers?
– With the contraction of the cookie & its eventual complete demise in the marketing & advertising ecosystems, CPGs are looking for other sources to be the connective tissue for consumer journeys.
– Data, Insights & closed loop attribution are some of the trends we will talk about in this session to provide an alternative view on the global rise of retail media.

Liz Salway

Principal, Business Consulting

10:05 - 10:40

Fireside Chat | [Data Management] How to Unlock the True Power of Your Data in 5 Steps

– Overcoming fragmented data
– Auditing data management processes

Harjeet Singh

Global Marketing Operations Director

Katy Meade

Data Analytics & Experience Lead

10:40 - 11:00

Keynote | [Lifecycle Marketing] Predicting The Future: How Accurate Attribution Can Optimise, Inform and Improve the Performance of your Marketing Campaigns

– How full visibility of your ad lifecycle enables accurate attribution of sales at each stage, helping to optimise ad performance and predict future campaign outcomes
– How the live mining of campaign performance data can produce real-time macroeconomic and behavioural insights, creating a positive feedback loop of campaign analysis, planning and execution

Andy Houstoun

Group Operations Director

11:00 - 11:30 Networking Coffee Break - Exhibition Area

Agency Client Showcase Extravaganza

11:30 - 12:00

Fireside Chat | [Trust & Agility] Delivering Global Content at the Speed of Culture

– Agile development to help master the art of delivering relevant content, globally
– Hear how the changing needs of users and brands in social are positively affecting the creative process
– Learn new ways of agile content production for a mobile-first environment
– Understand the client / agency relationship needed to work in a culturally responsive (and responsible) manner

Rob van Griensven

Global Digital Director

Jordi van de Bovenkamp

Executive Creative Director

12:00 - 12:30

Fireside Chat | [Omnichannel] Being Comfortably Uncomfortable: Designing Omnichannel Experiences that Convert Consumers into Customers

– Delivering on promises and doing it on scale
– Evolving the business into a truly Omnichannel brand, connecting the high-street and online

Conrad Rasmussen

Head of Experience

Carolyn McKeever

Group Head of Marketing

12:30 - 13:00

Fireside Chat | [The Sound of Vuse] Pioneering Sonic Differentiation in a Crowded Space with amp sound branding

– The difficulties of advertising in a restricted space, and how BAT has addressed these challenges in the past, as well as their current outlook on the landscape.
– amp sound branding’s work in creating the new Vuse sonic identity, using data and insights about the Creative Class, Vuse’s target positioning. This will include potential demonstration of amp’s Sonic Radar, as a Marketing compass tool when it comes to sound and music for brands.

Guido Berthold

Global Head of Brand VYPE & VUSE

Michele Arnese

Founder, Global CEO & CCO

13:00 - 14:15 Seasonal Mezze Lunch - Exhibition Area

14:15 - 16:30 | Facilitated Networking Sessions

Participate in facilitated interactive discussions with your peers – in groups of 8, discuss and share your thoughts with other attendees in a roundtable setting.

14:15 - 15:20

Roundtable Discussion | [Internal Alignment] Aligning Your Marketing Team with Other Departments Through Technology to Maximise Revenue

– How could technology help to align internal teams?
– How to choose the right technology to align the teams?
– Tracking the success of cross functional relationships for Marketing

15:20 - 16:25

Roundtable Discussion | [CX Strategy] Marketing Priorities for 2023

– Re-thinking content marketing in a post-crisis future
– Next generation MarTech trends, capabilities, & strategies

16:25 - 16:30 | Chairperson Closing & Departure Coffee

End of Summit

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