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Before every summit, we give our speakers a list of the hottest topics in MarTech at the time, they then select the few they are most interested in. The results are in for our Singapore summit…

MarTech BuzzwordInterested Percentage
Digital Transformation62%
Customer Experience & Retention55%
AI/Machine Learning/Chatbots40%
Content Marketing Strategy38%
Partnerships & Collaborations31%
Marketing Automation29%
Omni-Channel Marketing29%
Customer Data Optimisation24%
MarTech Tools & Solutions17%

Among our speakers at The MarTech Summit Singapore, Digital Transformation is the clear winner, our speakers also felt that Customer Experience & Retention is key topic. A lot of speakers in our #MarTechThoughts interviews predicted the rise of Artificial Intelligence as one the biggest trends in 2020 so it’s no surprise to see this finishing in 3rd place. Would you agree that Partnership & Collaboration is a surprise entry in 5th place? Social Media Marketing couldn’t even break into the top 10! We’ll be listening intently as our speakers expand on their choices at The MarTech Summit Singapore.

By: Matthew Lin

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