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Customer Journey

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Happy customers = good business. A simple but relevant equation. The consumers of today are a far cry from the ones of a few years ago. A large majority of companies now push for customer-centricity, where every stage of the customer experience is a positive one, all the stages make up the customer journey.

It isn’t quite as simple as the customer sees a product, purchases and exits. There are several elements that need to be managed to ensure the entire journey goes smoothly. These elements include; data, user experience, content, commerce and management. A wide variety of MarTech tools can help ensure that smile stays on throughout. Content and user experience go hand in hand, consumers love interactive and personalised content and by ensuring the correct customer data is loaded up, you can deliver relatable and relevant content to your audience. Once the sale is completed, the journey doesn’t end there, what about aftersales care and further promotions? Investing in a good management system will save you a lot of time and help retain customer loyalty. A lot of tools, powered by artificial intelligence can now make smart automation, reducing repetitive manual labour tasks and improving the customer experience.

The final question is, when was the last time you evaluated your customer journey?

By: Matthew Lin

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