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Post-Summit Report | The Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe 2021

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On 22nd July 2021, a special Virtual MarTech Summit had gone underway, our very first Europe focused event! As always, we are deeply thankful to all parties involved from our amazing speakers to sponsors, audience members, partners, and of course passionate staff.

After seeing the thirst in the APAC region, we heavily focussed the agenda for Europe on Data-Driven Marketing again and have explored this concept to its depth with 15 amazing speakers from globally renowned companies around the world! The Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe spanned 1 full day with 3 panel discussions, 3 fireside chats and 1 lightning talk.

We’re delighted to have welcomed 500+ attendees from 31 countries across 6 continents! (Yes, even though we ran the event in the British Summer Time zone, we have fans all around the world who just can’t wait to see us again🤩).

On the day we put everything about data under spotlight:

  • Data Democratisation & Data Accessibility
  • Data Privacy
  • Data Insights
  • First-Party Data
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

And many more!

Thank you to all our engaging attendees who’ve bombarded us with 50+ questions via the Q&A widget across the 7 sessions!!

And now the time has come to hear the voice of our attendees by looking at some insights from poll questions:

No room for impostor syndrome, there are many of us out there who had no idea about Self-Serve MMM (Marketing Mix Modelling). As always our partners are experts in it and can help you!

Seems like Finance is the trouble child for our audience.

When it’s about expected outcomes, we are all humans, hence we have different expectations, here is the proof!

Let’s quickly rewind the day with some key takeaways!

Everyone has data, but there’s a bit more responsibility on telling the story on what that data means. You need the right people to manage it and in order to tell the right story, everyone should have a voice but not all voices should be amplified” – Matt Baron, Global Strategic Sourcing Director, Marketing Data & Technology, Mars Global Corporate

“When you’re in isolation, what does that human connection look like? Your marketing programme depends on the human factor and what surprised us was how successful our marketing programme was during COVID and how fast people adapted to it.”Jennifer Bowman, Senior Director, Marketing Gaming, EMEA & LAC, IGT

Brands have started to build a virtual cycle, where the more the brand is engaging with the consumer, the happier and more valued the consumer feels when they buy, ultimately enabling more first party data to be collected– Mario Invernizzi, VP Sales EMEA, Snipp Interactive

Loyalty is a word sometimes to be viewed with scepticism. People aren’t loyal to brands, they’re loyal to categories. If we only chase after consumers that buy our brand, it’ll be a very small group, we need to increase our share of consumers that buy our category.” – Alexander Haldane, Trade Marketing Lead, Goose Island, ABInBev

You do not have to have the best statistician to do Marketing Mix Modelling, you need to have someone who is good at statistics but they should also understand the business and be business-savvy, especially if you do this in house.– Piotr Kociszewski, Data Analyst, EE Unilever

For MarTech solutions to be truly valuable, ease of transition and on-boarding is of paramount importance. For MarTech solutions to be truly valuable, ease of transition and on-boarding is of paramount importance.” – David Chadderton, Head of Digital Marketing, Homes for Students

When you have data in many forms and sources, the important part is to centralise your data, consolidate all data to one platform in the backend to talk to each other. You can then start to build a holistic view.” – Rajiv Dingra, Founder & CEO, ReBid

You can get carried away with high numbers, such as social media and open rates. But the important thing is conversion rates, you need to drill down past these numbers to find out the real impact of your campaign.” – Jennifer Gibson, Marketing & Communications Director, EthosEnergy

Once again, thanks to all MarTech enthusiasts who have joined as at the Virtual MarTech Summit: Europe and shared a moment of learning and networking with us. For those who couldn’t make it to our live sessions and felt like you’ve missed out, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to relive the summit on-demand here.

Registration for our upcoming Virtual MarTech Summit: Digital Experience on 24 – 26 August is now open. Simply register a pass for you and your team here – https://themartechsummit.com/virtual-dx (Send the Link to your overseas teams too! We love sharing the knowledge)

Also, it feels unreal writing this but our IN-PERSON event in London will take place on 18 & 19 November (Fingers crossed🤞) – https://themartechsummit.com/london

Register your pass today! Earlier the better to benefit from discounted prices.

The MarTech Summit Team is delighted to have hosted an elite and engaging community once again. Stay tuned for more to come by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack!

By: Rahmi Atalay

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