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Digital Transformation

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There probably isn’t an industry that hasn’t been affected by digital transformation and in the MarTech landscape, it is no different, when did this all happen? It certainly wasn’t as simple as flipping a switch and dumping all sorts of technology into a shopping cart. Digital transformation evolved over a period of time – and continues to do so as you read this.

A transition in mindset is often the harder part of the transformation process, while you worry about integrating legacy systems, installing new software and realigning targets, it’s often the people that are the spanner in the works. Going from a traditional mindset to a digital thinking style may be daunting but it is extremely important in order to succeed.

The digital world can unlock all sorts of potential for your business, customer journeys can be dramatically improved with personalization and smart campaigns, marketer’s performance will be optimized by data and automation will free up more time for strategizing. The digital transformation has not only made MarTech a lot bigger in recent years, but everything else in your business as well. All aspects can now be digitally linked together, from your website, customer support, social media, sales and much more. The opportunities can really be said to be endless.

By: Matthew Lin

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