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Content Strategy

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Ever heard of the term, content is king? So, let’s start creating lots of content and push them out! Hold your horses, you’re going to need a strategy first before you go charging ahead.

First off, think of the why? Why are you creating this and what value will it bring to your audience and will it lead to your business benefiting? Don’t create something for the sake of creating, a requirement or a check list activity. What you’re pushing to your audience is key to their brand & customer experience, if you start creating low value, irrelevant items, they won’t be your audience for long.

Delivery. How is your audience going to receive your creative work? You’ll need to ensure your designs have a “digital-first” approach so it’s able to easily travel across multiple channels to maximise your digital touchpoints with your audience. Think about where your content is going to “live” afterwards? Are you content with them staying on a social page or is there a dedicated content library?

Your entire content ecosystem needs to be mapped out and well thought out. This allows your content to be managed across several levels and deployed accordingly to various delivery channels.

Perhaps it’s time you re-examine your approaches to content creation, delivery and storage.

By: Matthew Lin

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