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Big Data

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Whether you like it or not, a lot of companies probably have a lot of information about you (Thank you Facebook). How else will you magically get car insurance emails when yours is almost due or that cute little toaster you’ve been eyeing up appears on your social feed?

Data is everything now. A mind-numbing amount is collected every second, this large volume is, named accordingly and creatively, Big Data. Marketers obviously want to get maximum insights to make their campaigns successful and get a better ROI. Sometime less is more, instead of wasting time collecting and then sifting all available data, a more targeted approach should be the focus.

Feed this targeted and sorted big data into your MarTech stacks and you can start reaping the benefits. Customers want customised engagement and attention, which is why data-driven marketing has now moved to the top of a lot of stacks. However, using this data for personalisation is only one side of the coin, companies also need to be transparent with their audience to build trust.

Remember, the amount of data you have isn’t important, it’s what you do with the data that matters. It’s always more advantageous to have Better Quality Data as oppose to Big Data.

By: Matthew Lin

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