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Not another “tech”. Well if you’re surprised, don’t be, it is an increasingly digital world out there now. Ad-Tech refers to Advertising Technology, while there used to be a clear-cut distinction between Ad-Tech and MarTech, the division has now become blurred.

If you go to the most basic level, one is related to advertising and other marketing. Ad-Tech refers more to advertising campaigns and all its relevant data generated such as impressions, acquisitions, clicks, views etc.). It’s not just producing adverts as well; companies can make available ad space on their pages and sell this space off. Next time you’re on a clothing website and see a lawnmower you were browsing at earlier, you’ve encountered a display ad.

Ad-Tech has its own dedicated platforms (although some can fall under the umbrella of the MarTech family), such platforms include Supply-Side Platforms (SSP), Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Ad Exchange, SEM Platforms and so on. As mentioned earlier, the technology ecosystem can feature platforms that are used by both advertisers and marketers most are unique and specific.

With a move to include a more holistic approach and in particular, Omnichannel Marketing, a digital strategy often moves rapidly between the 2 previously siloed divisions. Expect more seamless integration between Ad-Tech and MarTech in the future as brands look to really get into a customer’s mind.

By: Matthew Lin

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