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Video Marketing

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Using videos to promote and market your product/service is almost always a precursor to better engagement to your digital campaigns. Not only is it eye-catching but also captures attention better. Got a lot of information to push across to your customer? A moving infographic with a smooth voiceover will retain customer attention, increasing chance of purchase and ultimately ROI.

With the advancement of technology, particularly the arrival of 5G, video marketing is becoming more prevalent, companies no longer need to worry whether customers will wait to load a video or whether they are able to. That’s why video ads are a much more common feature now on your social feed.

Video content has also become a formidable weapon in the marketing arsenal, videos are no longer costing an arm and a leg and is more cost efficient than ever. Got one of the latest smartphones? You’re likely able to shoot 4K videos and upload it instantly. Video marketing combines well with social media and the desire of the population to always see more. Behind the scenes, going live and Ask Me Anything (AMA) videos are some of the more popular choices.

By: Matthew Lin

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