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Jaime Morales | Datacom Australia

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What are the key priorities for a MarTech stack optimisation strategy to achieve? 

  • Increase marketing ROI. 

What would your company use AI the most for? 

  • Develop data-led marketing campaigns. 

What are the major roadblocks in trialling the new innovations in marketing technologies? 

  • No compelling event to change status quo. 

What are some of the significant changes to your customer outreach and retention strategies and how has it impacted the growth plan for upcoming years? 

  • Implementing a brand story. 

At your organisation what tasks in marketing are good to automate and what tasks still need a human touch? 

  • Comms and programmatic ads. 
  • Everything else still needs human intervention. 

How do you see the skillsets needed for the marketing profession changing? 

  • A lot more technical knowledge landscape understanding and hand on experience. 

With more consumers being conscious of their data being shared, how do you overcome the growing concern? 

  • I work for a company that prides themselves in data privacy. 

Currently, what are you primarily looking for in your digital marketing efforts? Awareness or engagement? Why? 

  • Awareness. Customers are not familiar with the brand at the level they should. 

When planning a marketing budget, what are the top 3 concerns one should watch out for post COVID-19? 

  • Contingency for last minute changes. 
  • Presential events. 
  • Audience reluctance to participate of in person activities. 

What will be the next evolution in marketing technology that we can expect in the coming years? 

  • More personalisation and automation. 

What are the key challenges when it comes to implementing Chatbots for the first time? 

  • Audience reaction towards chatbots. 

What is the best use of technology you have seen during this time of crisis? 

  • Contactless deliveries and speedy digital adoption. 

How could a marketer start utilising the Metaverse? 

  • It needs to be more widely adopted before that can be explored. 

With the advancement of AR & VR, how do you see these being utilised in digital storytelling? 

  • It will be plagued with ads in no time. 

What is your strategy to link up traditional and modern trade ecosystem? 

  • Understanding customer behaviour. 

Do you think people take influencer posts with a pinch of salt? 

  • It is a generational thing. Older people would. 

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