Marketing Mix Models

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A new generation of Marketing Mix Modelling SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions enables marketers to address major challenges of this technique and bring MMM in-house for better speed, scalability and cost effectiveness. There is one more aspect that self-serve tools bring to the MMM space – much higher inclusivity.

Many studies and research provide strong proof points on the better performance of diverse teams. As long as MMM is a statistical technique that is used to quantify the impact of marketing and non-marketing activities on sales, revenues, margins or other business outcomes it was limited to those who could use R or Python. The SaaS model can change that for good by opening doors for non-statisticians to build and use this advanced measurement technique for better decision making.

This whitepaper is brought to you by Unilever, Meta & Analytic Edge as part of the Virtual MarTech Summit Europe.

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