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Post-Roundtable Report | Humanising Customer Engagement

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Humans are complicated, dynamic, and demanding. Even with the most advanced tools, it remains challenging to deliver a consistently excellent customer experience. As consumer expectations and the number of digital channels continue to grow, complexity increases. That makes it even more important for brands to have a sophisticated customer engagement platform to bring relevant and meaningful customer experiences to life.

To address this issue, businesses are looking for solutions to keep customer engagement humanised while engaging with their customers at scale.

Gladly, our friends at Braze hosted a Virtual Roundtable on Humanising Customer Engagement: Start Anywhere. Go Everywhere. On 18th January 2022 to provide you with a comprehensive guide to achieve your objectives. It’s been a fruitful discussion thanks to our respected guests from global companies.

Let’s quickly catch you up with some of the remarkable points from the discussion:

  • Decide what is the best way to capture the customer, evaluate the short and long-term gain, and look at the customers and tailor approach. Most loyal customers may not know anything about your brand. They don’t need to know the brand. They are just transactionally familiar with you.”
  • Everyone is now online and trying to get more from customers. It becomes more challenging to get the attention of users, especially when you use social platforms like TikTok where customers attention span is so short despite the fact that these are great for social commerce.”
  • In-store customers are very different to online customers – brands need to apply different techniques, e.g. wishlist items, products purchased etc.). Right message, right time, for right user. There is a big challenge where brands need to bridge the gap with messaging. Question is how do we bind customers.
  • Leveraging on AI – how to go about having simplicity but also personalisation for customers? – Have different incentives for varied customers. This is complex. Try to target different incentives on different channels. Since AI doesn’t understand much about context, we need to take this into consideration.
  • Performance marketing – you need to look at how to make customers come back as much as possible, that’s how we justify the marketing budget approval.”
  • Associated algorithms, gamification, evaluated recipe – make it a prized possession.”

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By Rahmi Atalay.

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