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Akina Ho | Great Eagle Holdings Limited

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How has your approach to customer engagement/retention/loyalty changed due to new MarTech tools and solutions?

This is something I am trying to revamp in our group. Building a group level strategy on a same MarTech platform that allows us to look into customer profile and doing precise marketing based on promotion and also locations. Not easy as close to 98% of our group marketing mindset is still based on old marketing strategy and execution.

With all the new MarTech tools and solutions now available, what’s one of the key pitfalls to avoid in the procurement process?

Buying solution based on BUs and not building a foundation at the group level which doesn’t allow to cross BU promotions and also leverage buying power for bulk buy and also volume buy in quantity.

How have you best managed to integrate legacy systems with new MarTech solutions?

I am not doing this, replacing is the right strategy as what we are building is for the future and not now. Spending money to integration with legacy system is waste of money and limits potential.

What MarTech vendors have impressed you with their solutions and understanding of true business needs and challenges?

Salesforce and Adobe.

How has your organisation / team dealt with the challenge of the marketing industry and wider digital world evolving at such a fast pace?

They are trying to understand but their training and past success is restricting them to accept what is evidentially the norm.

Currently, what are you primarily looking for in your digital marketing efforts? Awareness or engagement? Why?

Awareness and engagement and conversion…to grow the business to the new audience as our current audience and method is only focusing on ‘existing’ and retiring audience

What is your key takeaway piece of advice that you would give when speaking to others on how to evaluate and select a MarTech stack?

Look at your current customer pool and if its dying or growing and why. Then see what is your acquisition strategy and future plans and find one that help resolve that

How did your MarTech journey begin? Please let us know your top 3 findings and discoveries.

  1. Customer segments and profile understanding – we have none so we need to have a solution to track that.
  2. How to target existing and new customers – what are the channels that has most audience (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and etc) – how to reach those people forces us to find tools to get us there.
  3. What is the effectiveness of our marketing spend – it is all over the place and we cannot systematically review this and measure this so we need a tool to help us do this properly.

For you and your team, which is currently recognised as the larger challenge – MarTech integration or MarTech strategy?

MarTech Strategy.

Have you mainly chosen to adopt established MarTech or have you also looked into the emerging opportunities? Which?

We are creating a new one and trying new ways to test what works as everything is new now and the past formula does not fit in the current age.

Which MarTech brands have you found have / are close to best meeting your expectations when it comes to customer experience? Let us know of any brands which have exceeded expectations.

Salesforce is good but I believe Adobe is leading but just too expensive to use What do you predict as being the top MarTech trends for 2020?

– Precise marketing

– Target marketing

– Actionable marketing

– Gamification marketing

– Viral reward marketing

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