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Post-Summit Report | Virtual MarTech Spotlight: Driving SME Growth

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If you jump on your news, you’ll see all the focus is always on the big corporations, the trillion-dollar churners, essentially the big boys. But what about the little guys?

Salesforce (ironically one of the big boys) asked this exact question and worked with us in this Virtual MarTech Spotlight to give an informative session on how small & medium enterprises (SMEs) can survive, grow and standout from their customers with one unified CRM.

With the help of speakers from Tableau and Constellar Group, our audience listened to insights about:

  • Smarter marketing: Find and nurture leads and maximize ROI
  • Faster sales: Enhance sales productivity and win more deals with less effort through automation of your sales process
  • Better service: Keep more customers with outstanding personalized service
  • 360 AI-driven insights: Make data-driven decisions with analytics

The spotlight was split into 3 sections, a fireside chat, a keynote presentation and a Virtual MarTech Spotlight first, breakout rooms for our audience to speak and connect directly with our speakers.

The fireside chat featuring Thomas Lim, Senior Regional Sales Director, ESMB Emerging & Growth Business, Salesforce ASEAN and Rizwan Hazarika, Chief Digital Officer, Constellar Group. They quickly jumped into their topic of SMEs can keep up with evolving customer expectations with technology. After going through several key topics such as use of the right technology, breaking down department silos and the use of data-driven decisions, they had time at the end to answer some questions from a very curious audience.

The next session featured Thomas Lim again, only this time he went into an in-depth presentation on the silver bullet for SMEs, a unified CRM. He gave our audience plenty of the latest small business insights and trends as well as how the right tools can help the business grow by helping them find, win and keep customers.

The final part gave our audience a choice to split off and meet the speakers in 2 breakout rooms. Room number 1 saw Samuel Lee, Regional Solution Engineer, Salesforce ASEAN answering questions about CRM solutions and room number 2 featured Jacelyn Lim, Senior Solution Engineer, Tableau ASEAN, an expert in data-driven decisions with analytics. For those who are undecided or struck with FOMO, we left enough time for our audience to transition between 2 rooms, ensuring everyone gets their questions answered.

Unfortunately, the breakout rooms are now closed but the 2 insightful sessions are still available on-demand as well as all the resources that Salesforce have kindly given our audience, including the latest edition of the small and medium trends report. You’re also more than welcome to reach out to Salesforce anytime for queries!

By Matthew Lin.

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