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Mobile Marketing

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Mobile devices are now readily available and with an estimate of 2/3 of the population owning a mobile device, companies are desperate to tap into this market. Where do people spend most of their time? Next time you’re on a commute, unglue yourself from your phone and you’re likely to see everyone with their faces buried into a phone, tablet or a laptop. No wonder mobile marketing is such a popular branch now.

Social media is perhaps the most popular form, with an abundance of platforms, ads can be customized and fine tuned greatly to suit different formats, audiences and styles. Platforms such as Facebook & Twitter have made seamless user experiences to create ads. Adverts aren’t just limited to your social feed, app-based marketing and in-game mobile marketing are also on the rise. If companies advertise on a particular app, they know they’ve got the right audience without doing any data collecting or segmentation.

We live in the era of mobile now, everyone is always on the go, smartphones are hugely capable now and can provide companies with real-time data such as location, time, browsing history etc. Producing relevant ads to hit customers at the right time on their devices and making your website mobile friendly can greatly increase your company’s exposure.

By: Matthew Lin

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