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Post-Summit Report | The MarTech Summit Singapore Revenue Generation, 25 October 2023

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On 25 October, 2023, The MarTech Summit Singapore – Revenue Generation took place at the PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay. The event served as a dynamic platform where industry leaders and professionals converged to dissect the challenges and opportunities of contemporary revenue generation in an ever-evolving business landscape. This year’s summit featured a distinguished panel of speakers and a versatile array of sessions, promoting interactive discourse and invaluable networking opportunities.

Key Event Highlights

An Impressive Speaker Lineup:

The 2023 MarTech Summit in Singapore unveiled a fresh cohort of speakers who are pioneering revenue generation strategies across diverse industries. These experts brought their unique perspectives and insights to the forefront.

Diverse Session Formats:

The summit’s agenda was thoughtfully designed with an array of session formats, including panel discussions, fireside chats, lightning talks, and roundtable discussions. This diversity ensured that attendees could engage with the content through various avenues, catering to a broad spectrum of learning styles and interests.

Interactive Discussions and Networking:

The summit actively fostered interactive discussions through dedicated Q&A and roundtable discussion segments in each session. These segments allowed the diverse audience to actively engage with the content, providing them with ample opportunities to seek insights and share experiences. The networking opportunities further enriched the overall experience.

Representing Diverse Industries:

  • Presence of Renowned Names:

The MarTech Summit was honoured to host representatives from over 60 companies, including globally recognized names such as Chanel, Citibank, DBS, UPS, Bytedance, foodpanda, Google, IKEA, Indeed, McDonald’s, Schneider Electric, Singtel, and more. The participation of these industry giants showcased their high-level interest and commitment to exploring innovative revenue generation strategies.

Chart 1. Top Attending Industries
  • Enriched Learning and Networking:

The diversity of industries represented at the summit significantly enhanced the learning and networking experiences. Attendees had the privilege to gain insights from professionals with varying perspectives and experiences, fostering a holistic understanding of revenue generation practices.

Audience Profile:

  • Comprising Decision-Makers:

Over 90% of attendees held leadership positions within their organizations, establishing the summit as a hub for decision-makers and influencers. This ensured that discussions were focused on strategic insights and high-level perspectives.

  • Relevant for Large Enterprises:

More than 70% of attendees represented companies with a headcount of 1001+. This profile of attendees underscored the summit’s relevance for large enterprises seeking innovation and optimization of their revenue generation strategies.


The MarTech Summit Singapore – Revenue Generation 2023 achieved resounding success, driven by the exceptional engagement of our attendees who actively participated and exhibited a strong interest in the subject matter. The event emerged as a valuable platform for MarTech professionals, equipping them with insightful guidance and practical strategies to navigate the ever-evolving MarTech landscape effectively. Additionally, it successfully nurtured a vibrant community of enthusiastic MarTech enthusiasts in Singapore, promoting a robust exchange of knowledge and networking opportunities. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to return and build upon the positive momentum generated by this event, enhancing the value and impact of future summits.

Future Engagement

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners and MarTech enthusiasts who joined us in an exceptional display of networking and learning at the summit.

The MarTech Summit Team is thrilled to have had the opportunity to host such an exceptional and interactive community once again. We invite you to stay connected with us for future updates by following our social media accounts and joining The MarTech Community on Slack!

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By: Namsa Kang, October 2023

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