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5G & IoT

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As 5G, the 5th generation of wireless communication technology, begins to be adopted across the globe (or already in use dependent on your location), it opens up a whole branch of opportunities, particularly in the MarTech Landscape and Internet of Things (IoT).

The most immediate benefit is the speed, theoretically 5G is reportedly a hundred times faster than 4G. It is also more efficient and smarter than 4G, how so? And why does it affect you? Smart home appliances are beginning to become regular household items, such as TVs, lightbulbs, speakers, door bells etc. These are all IoT gadgets and are connected to the internet to be used to their full potential, 5G offers lower latency, giving faster response times. Since it operates on 3 different spectrum bands, the speed is determined by the device that is in use, your iPad and toaster will not need the same speed thus freeing up capacity for other devices and users.

Take a minute to count how many devices you have in your household that are connected to your internet. Ready? It’s probably quite a few. Companies are producing more and more appliances that connect to the internet to be controlled remotely. One of the huge advantages of 5G is that it can cope with all these different connections and not be overloaded. Ever struggled to get a signal in a city centre or at an event where the audience is in the thousands? Once 5G rolls out completely, these will be a forgotten memory.

5G is the natural step up from 4G, not just chronologically in name but what is needed due to the growth in technology and society’s needs, once it matures, the IoT potential is sure to be exciting.

By: Matthew Lin

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