Post-Summit Report | Virtual MarTech Spotlight: Bridging the Content Gap with Data

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What do the people demand? Personalised digital experiences.

We all know that the one size fits all approach is obsolete now, marketers and data scientists work tirelessly to segment data in order to target the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Ever heard of the phrase “Content is King”? Well, personalised content would be some sort of “super king” right? Therefore, together with Sitecore we invited esteemed speakers from Insight Data, Minor Hotel Group & Roojai to give us an informative session on implementing personalisation across your data.

The session wasn’t just 4 speakers talking broadly as they shared with us their organisation’s roadmaps and challenges faced including:

  • Their customer experience vision and journey towards personalisation
  • How their priorities shifted in the last 12 months
  • How they create content and push it out in various channels
  • The challenges of content consistency across multiple channels
  • The next big thing their team is working on to improve their customer experience vision

The key takeaway is that content powers personalisation and without it, you can’t demonstrate your understanding of customer needs and link it with what you can offer them. Your data can help you identify how to best create, deliver, and reuse content to make your customer interactions more valuable. Good & relevant content = Happy customers.

Sitecore has kindly provided our audience with a host of resources including guides, whitepapers and trend reports (The 3 Rs of Content strategy is our personal favourite).

You can view the spotlight on-demand and download all the resources here –

By Matthew Lin.

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