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Post-Summit Report | Virtual MarTech Spotlight: Live Customer Experience

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What’s this another Virtual MarTech Spotlight? That’s the beauty of these, short sessions packed with insights, you wouldn’t complain about another episode of your favourite Netflix series coming right?

This time we shine the spotlight on Live Customer Experience. Instead of the usual 1 session format, we had 3 sessions this time but all different formats and we still kept to our shorter time duration promise!

First up we had a fireside chat on cloud optimised technologies and how they can enable a seamless customer experience. For this we had the double act of Adrian M Odgers, Ex-Head, Global Digital Experience Studio, Fidelity International & Rohan Kamra, Regional Digital Marketing & Media Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, Intel Corporation.

Representing 2 industries and coming from different backgrounds ticked our MarTech Summit fireside chat criteria as they gave the audience a range of views and insights to takeaway. Adrian spoke about the key challenge’s companies face to being customer-centric digital first, while Rohan evaluated future experiences and what we need to move forward. The session was rounded off with a Q&A session with our audience grilling their minds on topics such as CX analytics, AR & VR tools and new emerging trends.

Next up, Willy Cho, Co-CEO, MegazoneCloud went on stage to deliver his keynote presentation on how a unique customer experience can be achieved with LIVE video service. We all love videos, don’t we? Everyone has been down a YouTube rabbit hole before and Willy took us through his presentation packed full of key facts and stats. Such as: “Video is the fastest, the most effective way to transform customer experience and engagement. Audiences are 95% more likely to remember a brand’s call to action after watching a video”

And finally, we ended the day with an all-female diverse panel with our speakers coming from; P&G, Kimberly-Clark, Sportsbet, Cebu Pacific & Telstra. Their topic of The Key to Creating Value: CX Analytics is not only relevant due to the importance of data-driven marketing but was the perfect session to round off our spotlight. They provided an array of advice including how to stay relevant in customer communications, why you shouldn’t let technology cloud your judgement & the importance of understanding unstructured data.

All 3 sessions are now on-demand so catch all the insights from this session online now!

By Matthew Lin.

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