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Post-Summit Report | Virtual MarTech Spotlight: Maximise Buyer Engagement

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Before our previous Virtual MarTech Spotlight had even began to cool down, we went out again with our third one just over a week later, this time moving onto the intriguing topic of maximising buyer engagement, specifically for B2B.

Our 2 speakers, MarTech Summit Hall of Famers, Tim Johnston, Senior Marketing Director, APJ, ON24 & Iris Chan marketing Director, Asia Pacific and Japan, Seismic promised us 5 proven strategies and much more.

There were plenty of gems in this 1-hour spotlight to help not only maximise buyer engagement, but a lot of transferable knowledge that you can apply to your overall marketing strategy, such as Tim going through common personalisation opportunities:

  • Account Based Marketing
  • Industry Marketing
  • Regional Marketing
  • Customer Engagement
  • Digital Events

And Iris revealing that “72% of buyers expect personalised engagements, they don’t only want those engagements to be personalised, they also want them to be consumer-like, similar to what they get in their personal life. Buyers are 65% more likely to switch brands if communications are personalised.

The session was packed with stats, key takeaways and what we love best, polls. One of the main advantages of running our events live instead of hitting play is that we get to see how our audience feels, and you get to see whether you share the same painpoints.

For our live audience the top challenge aligning with sales teams to engage buyers are a lack of visibility into how sellers are sharing marketing content. And previously the majority felt that they get some engagement at their webinars, but it could be better.

So, by now you’re probably wondering what the 5 proven strategies are? Well first is having immersive & interactive experiences. Second, personalise content at scale. Thirdly, engagement insights that drive action. And for the other 2… Find out on-demand as the entire session is just one click away for free!

We’ll see you next time for more spotlight action!

By Matthew Lin.

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