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6G: The Future

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5G isn’t even fully released yet and now there are talks of 6G?! Evolution has always been embedded into human nature, society nowadays will always demand the next generation and companies will seek to gain an advantage by getting ahead of the game. Think Sony and their PlayStations, Apple and their iPhones, Vin Diesel and the Fast & Furious. Ok perhaps not the last one but it’s now become a norm to expect that technology will continue to roll out and evolve. And 6G will be the inevitable next heir in wireless communications.

While currently it is not a functioning technology and only exists in the theoretical realm, technology never stops and what can we expect from 6G? Short answer is faster, smarter and more efficient due to lower latency and increased bandwidth. There are even talks that the 6G network will be autonomous, an infrastructure that is self-aware and able to learn.

Technology that has emerged from 5G will be further enhanced by 6G, smart devices will become smarter. Leading to greater personalisation, immersive customer journey experiences, the possibilities are boundless. MarTech will be completely revitalised and companies will need to increase their capacity and ability to handle the massive amount of customer data it will surely bring in.

The trend is that a new wireless communications technology comes up every decade or so. Commercially 3G was launched in 2001, 4G in 2009 and 5G in 2019. We should be expecting 6G at the later years of 2020s/early 2030s. Before we get too carried away let’s enjoy the 5G ride and how it’ll shape the MarTech landscape.

By: Matthew Lin

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