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The MarTech Roundtable Malaysia
AI-Driven CRM: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Date TBC | June, 2024

AI-Driven CRM: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

In this in-person roundtable focusing on the Malaysian market, we will delve into how AI transforms CRM strategies, creating personalised interactions and predictive insights to elevate the customer journey and drive engagement to unprecedented levels.

During the executive roundtable, we will discuss:

  1. Future Trends: The Integration of AI and CRM Technologies
  2. Harnessing Predictive Analytics for Enhanced Customer Insights & Customer Retention Strategies
  3. AI Personalisation Techniques in Real-Time Customer Engagement

This roundtable is available to be customised & sponsored in Q2 2024.

Please contact Lin Duan at lduan@themartechsummit.com for more information.

Moderator & Guest Speaker

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The MarTech Roundtable is a platform for top executive thought leaders to deep dive into specific topics. The discussion themes are always changing but will always address pertinent trends, opportunities, pain points, and challenges facing the marketing technology sector today.

The panel of esteemed speakers are invited to share cross-industry perspectives and this interactive exchange will be presided by an experienced moderator. Audience members will help curate the discussion by submitting comments and questions to be addressed live.

The Roundtable format is as varied as its topics, taking place across APAC and Europe, virtually and in-person.

Please email Lin at lduan@themartechsummit.com if you need any assistance.

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