Agenda – The MarTech Summit Singapore
25th & 26th April 2023
Stamford Ballroom, Raffles City Convention Centre

Summit agenda is subject to change.

Day 1 - 25th April
08:15 - 08:50 | Arrival & Networking Breakfast

08:50 - 09:00

Chairperson Introduction & Overview

09:00 - 09:25

Fireside Chat | [MarTech Trends] How to Innovate with Latest MarTech to Thrive in Marketing Transformation

– What is the next big thing in the marketing ecosystem?
– Is full automation of marketing efforts possible with the emerging technology platforms?
– Holistic transformation of marketing in a digital-first world

09:25 - 09:45

Keynote Presentation | [Scalable MarTech] The Martech Stack and the Chaos

– Tips to scale your MarTech stack to weather the storm
– How to build scalable MarTech stack to fit every team and user

Richard Goodger

Associate Manager, Underworks

09:45 - 10:25

Panel Discussion | [Future of Work] The Work of Marketing: How to Transform Marketing Teams to be Future-Oriented and Digital-Ready

– Successful stories to carry out digital marketing upskilling in your organisation
– How to determine which technologies & skills to match your marketing culture

Sebastien Boisseau

Head of Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing & Innovation, Menarini Asia-Pacific

Aditya Karajgi

ASEAN CARE Lead (Consumer Acquisition, CRM, Loyalty), Reckitt

Caitlin Nguyen [Moderator]

Digital Transformation Leader, Former Head of Digital from a Leading Consumer Healthcare Company

10:25 - 10:55 | Networking Coffee Break

10:55 - 11:40

Panel Discussion | [Digital Transformation] How to Deal with Today’s Customers with Yesterday’s Technology

– How to gain trust and buy-in from all stakeholders on new technologies
– For the internal stakeholder, does the current legacy platforms empower them or does it restrict them in attaining the growing business needs?
– How important is to have the best in class tech stack to stay up-to-date with the competition and the latest trends & technologies

Krishna Kumar Chenthamarai [Moderator]

Senior Client Services Director, MarTech Experience, Verticurl

Cara Wong

Head of Marketing, Wilhelmsen Ships Service

Zac Pow

MarTech Delivery Lead, DBS Bank

Jonathan Lim

Head of Transformation Program Office (Director), Singapore Pools

11:40 - 12:10

Fireside Chat | [MarTech Integration] Less is More: How to Connect and Integrate your MarTech Stack to Fuel Marketing ROI

– How we can build a leaner MarTech Stack to boost ROI
– Successful cases of MarTech Stack/Platform Integration

Taesung Park

Regional Digital Marketing & Growth, Asia Pacific, Chubb


12:10 - 12:30

Keynote Presentation | [Customer Engagement] Biggest Digital Trends that Will Help Organisations Fire Up Their Marketing and Make an Impact in 2023

Forget about business as usual. In 2023, marketers will need to decode the new rules of engagement brought on by groundbreaking new technologies and fresh platforms.

Join this presentation to explore the latest digital trends, including:
– Multi-format content and how it can be used to boost audience engagement
– The coming of age of influencer marketing
– The rise of communities and niche forums

Martin Kelly

Marketing Manager APAC, Brandwatch

12:30 - 12:45 | Networking Buffet Lunch

13:45 - 14:10

Fireside Chat | [Brand Activation] Bring Conventional Brands to Acquire New, Profitable Customers

– How to transform and activate a brand to build new and long-lasting relationships with customers
– How to stay close to your customer with branding and its way of engagement

Laveesh Hassija

Head of Consumer Marketing, Singapore, PropertyGuru

Ramesh Yadav

Chief Marketing Officer, Baidyanath Group

14:10 - 14:30

Keynote Presentation | [Branding Strategy] A New Era of Advertising

– How can brands reach unique audiences with unique experiences?
– Tips to help your brand break the digital clutter and own the category on Search
– Successful stories of brands that have gained an edge by doing things differently

Aditya Varadarajan

Business Head INSEA, Microsoft Advertising, InMobi

14:30 - 15:10

Panel Discussion | [Revenue Generation] Relate Marketing and Sales to Customer Journey: Go Hand-in-Hand to Support Greater Sales, Profit and Cost-Effectiveness

– How to measure revenue generation performance (e.g., lead generation, conversion) in your organisation
– How to identify common ground for marketing and sales to improve communication and collaboration efficiency

Miguel Rivera

Customer Engagement & Experience Head, APAC & MEA, Novartis

Sha'an Ng

Leader, Marketing Singapore, Lixil Water Technology APAC, GROHE Pacific

Yin Chieh Tan

Head of Digital Marketing & Engagement, Great Eastern

Aida Khizirova

Director of Sales, APAC, Monsido – powered by CivicPlus

Breakout Roundtable taking place along the main summit track @VIP Room B

13:45 – 14:45 | [Digital Media Strategies] Attention Grabbers: How Brands Drive Better Outcomes with Attention-Focused Strategies

Are you looking for a deeper dive into a particular topic led by industry experts?

Register for this breakout roundtable to discuss:
– How attention can inform planning and buying decisions to deliver media outcomes
– How to ultimately increase the effectiveness of your digital campaigns

15:10 - 15:40 | Networking Coffee Break

15:40 - 16:20

Panel Discussion | [Marketing Metrics] How to Define Key Performing Indicators (KPI) or Objectives and Key Results (OKR) for Measuring Success Amid Uncertainties

– Why is it important to measure marketing metrics?
– What’s the best way to determine KPIs or OKRs to measure the success of your digital marketing transformation?
– Stories of how you set key marketing metrics

Mark Ong

Corporate Marketing Director, Phoenix Contact

Terence Ng

Marketing Director, Instarem by NIUM

Benjamin Cheng

Chief Marketing Officer, VIRBANK

16:20 - 17:20

Panel & Roundtable Discussion | [Digital Trust] How Have You Earned Your Customer’s Digital Trust Today?

A 15-min panel discussion to set the scene followed by a 45-min facilitated roundtable discussion among the attendees (including the speakers!) in groups of 8 people. You will get the chance to present your table’s thoughts & key takeaways at the end of the session.

Merge the Stage & Floor! Here come the discussion points:

– Consumers are concerned about their data and how are brands focusing on respecting customer data?
– How to turn personalised experiences as a trust multiplier
– Ways to build trust and key drivers to build a powerful data strategy

Lucia Zaidan B. Pedreira

Social Media Lead, APAC, 3M

Manish Naik

Head of Digital & Innovation, Marketing & Trading, Anglo American

Yvonne Tey

Consumer Marketing Lead, Central Asia Pacific, Lenovo

Breakout Roundtable taking place along the main summit track @VIP Room B

15:40 – 16:40 | [Digital Experience] Digital Experience Led Growth: Navigating the Future of Marketing

Register for this exclusive breakout roundtable session alongside the main track, where you’ll have the opportunity to engage with B2B Marketing leaders on a deeper level to discuss the latest trends and best practices in creating meaningful and impactful digital experiences that drive growth.

17:20 - 19:00 | Closing Remarks & Departure Networking Drinks

Grab a drink and join us for this networking session with your fellow marketers

Day 2 - 26th April
08:15 - 08:50 | Arrival & Networking Breakfast

We are splitting into 2 Tracks on Day 2 for marketers to deep dive into two different themes.
08:50 - 09:05 | Chairperson Introduction & Overview


Johnny Hammond, Managing Partner, Asia Pacific, Pilot44

08:50 - 09:05 | Chairperson Introduction & Overview


09:05 - 09:50
Panel Discussion | [Omnichannel Personalisation] How to Activate Omnichannel Personalisation to Curate New Journeys Across Multiple Channels and Touchpoints

- The data & technology to enable personalisation or personalised customer journey.
- How does implementing a personalized approach increase user engagement and drive repeat customer behaviour?


Fairprice Group
Yadear Zhang, CRM Tech Lead, Fairprice Group

Zhiliang Li, Head of CRM, ZALORA

Puja Oberoi, Senior Vice President MarTech Lead, Citibank

09:05 - 09:50
Panel Discussion | [Marketing Ecosystem] Champion a Customer-Centric Ecosystem That Build Marketing Best Practices and Achieve High Satisfaction

- How to monetise ecosystem to acquire, reactivate & retain customers
- What are the roles of partnerships and their shared capabilities to help build the ecosystem
- Successful Stories of the relationship with your partners (e.g. agencies, vendors, external stakeholders) to bring marketing success


Standard Chartered Bank
Khachig Kabakjian, Global Chapter Head, Real-Time Engagement, Standard Chartered Bank

Joanna Sim, Deputy Director, Digital Marketing, Digital Experience & Data Analytics, Science Centre Singapore

Tanvi Kant-Wilson, Marketing Director (Asia Cluster), Rentokil Initial

09:50 - 10:10
Keynote Presentation | [Media Data & Insights] Unleashing the Power of Open Source Media Data for Strategic Decision Making

- How media data can inform strategic decision making at all levels of an organisation
- How to pair media data together with other forms of first party data to enable clients to see their world clearly
- How such insights can be used to identify opportunities for growth, mitigate risks, and improve overall business performance


Kelvin Koh, Managing Director, Truescope

09:50 - 10:10
Keynote Presentation | [CX & UX] How to Align Customer Experience (CX) & User Experience (UX) When It Comes to Customer Loyalty & Retention

- Ways to design CX Strategies & prioritising what your customers need versus what is given
- How to plan a seamless rewards experience end-to-end


Lorraine Ng, Regional Head, Grab For Business

10:10 - 10:35
Fireside Chat | [Customer Data] How to Validate Customer Behavioural Data to Align with Your Brand Strategy

- How to create clear recommendations from marketing analytics
- Tactics to convert data into ROI with accurate customer segmentation


Johnson Controls
Michael Littler, Director, Global Product Marketing, Johnson Controls Hitachi

Darius Chang, Product Marketing Director, Thunes

10:10 - 10:35
Fireside Chat | [Product-Led Growth] How to Optimise Customer Experience with Product-Led Growth Marketing Initiatives

- How to champion Product-Led Growth approach in marketing
- Showcasing enhanced customer experience from a product’s point of view

Kaushal Pilikuli, Vice President, ShopCash & Loyalty,

Gaurav Lalwani, Global Head of Content Hub, GSK

10:35 - 11:05 | Networking Coffee Break

10:35 - 11:05 | Networking Coffee Break
11:05 - 11:30
Fireside Chat | [First-Party Data] Build a Trust-Based First-Party Data Asset to Enter the Cookiesless Future

- How to create value of your “owned” first-party data collected from different channels & build a trust-based data asset to adapt to the cookiesless future
- How to increase customer lifetime value with first-party data


Sanjay Bakshi, Group Director, Digital & Innovation, Durapower

Sahaj Khunteta, Head of Marketing Analytics, Asia Pacific & Japan, Intel Corporation

11:05 - 11:30
Fireside Chat | [Sustainable Marketing] How to Reflect Sustainability through Marketing Strategies Beyond Profiting Brands

- How to avoid greenwashing in marketing strategies
- How to implement purpose-driven marketing and make your brands relevant to customers/clients
- How technology is used to help accelerate the “Connectedness” with value-driven customers?


Bureau Veritas
Donovan Chee, Head of Marketing & Communications, South East Asia, Bureau Veritas

Bonnie Chia, Head of Brand, WWF International

11:30 - 11:50
Keynote Presentation | [Marketing Automation] Championing End-to-End MarTech Stack from Data Capturing to Marketing Automation

- How to master the first-step of data-driven marketing - data collection/capturing



11:30 - 11:50
Keynote Presentation | [Visual Engagement] How to Enhance Visual Engagement through Data Driven Insights

– How data insights lead innovation to visual engagement
– The application of visuals to increase the level of engagement and brand awareness


Kate Rourke, Head of Creative Insights, Asia Pacific, Getty Images

Kaashni Soin, Head of Singapore, Getty Images

11:50 - 12:15
Fireside Chat | [Marketing Analytics] Marketing: Science or Art? I - How to Integrate Siloed Data and Generate Effective Customer Segmentation

- How important is accurate customer data to curate customer journey
- Use cases of learning from data insights to know your customer


Raffles Medical
Lynette Lee, Director, Corporate Services & Digital, Raffles Medical Group

Nekshaan Irani, Consumer Business Insights & Analytics Lead, SEAT, Haleon

11:55 - 12:15
Lightning Talk | [User-Generated Content] How to Materialise Stronger Customer Loyalty and Retention with User-Generated Content (UGC)

- How to build relationship with the “Users” to generate relevant content
- Showcasing your UGC stories – Trade-offs, risks and impacts


Remus Ng, Associate Director, Demand Generation, Klook

12:15 - 12:35
Morning Speakers Q&A

In this Q&A session, attendees will have the opportunity to engage directly with our speakers and ask questions related data-driven marketing at hand.

Whether you're looking to clarify a particular point, share your own perspective, or simply learn more about the topic, this session is the perfect opportunity to engage with Data experts and peers alike.

12:15 - 12:35
Keynote Presentation | [Hybrid Events] Curating Events to Engage Customers with Hybrid Experiences

- How to create and curate hybrid events to reach your targets
- Showcasing stories from successful hybrid events


Will Kataria, Senior Director, Sales & Operations, Cvent

12:35 - 13:40 | Networking Buffet Lunch

12:35 - 13:40 | Networking Buffet Lunch

13:40 - 14:05
Fireside Chat | [Data Literacy] Marketing: Science or Art? II – How to Enable Teams to Read, Communicate and Harness Data for Marketing Efficiency

- How to assess organisational data literacy
- What is your data literacy programme in the organisation?


Sean Lam, Head of Data Science, Health Services Research, SingHealth

Anirudh Shivapuja, Vice President, MarTech, OCBC Bank

13:40 - 14:05
Fireside Chat | [Influencer Marketing] Outsourcing Creativity: How to Leverage Influencer Marketing to Grow Revenue

- How to curate a successful influencer marketing strategy and campaign
- How to design and manage Influencers' content across multiple platforms, e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc.


Melanie Speet, APAC Head of Marketing & Digital, NBCUniversal

Beatriz Villamor-Webb, Head of Marketing, APAC, HyrdraFacial

14:05 - 15:20
Panel & Roundtable Discussion | [Customer Privacy] How we Balance Customer Privacy and Customer Experience

A 20-min panel discussion to set the scene followed by a 55-min facilitated roundtable discussion among the attendees (including the speakers!) in groups of 8 people.You will get the chance to present your table's thoughts & key takeaways at the end of the session.

Merge the Stage & Floor! Here come the discussion points:
– The current state of privacy readiness in the region, and lessons learned from leading businesses adopting a test-and-learn mindset toward investments in privacy readiness
- How can we market in the era of data privacy? What are its impacts on customer engagement in your industry?
- How to acquire, engage and retain customers to accommodate these changes and drive connected customer experiences


Gladwin Ngo, Director, Performance Marketing, Crimson Education

Dhillon Singh, Vice President, Customer Experience Management, HMI Group

14:05 - 15:20
Panel & Roundtable Discussion | [Social Commerce] How we Redefine Digital Experience: Your Brand Strategy in Social Commerce to Engage with Customers

A 20-min panel discussion to set the scene followed by a 55-min facilitated roundtable discussion among the attendees (including the speakers!) in groups of 8 people. You will get the chance to present your table's thoughts & key takeaways at the end of the session.

Merge the Stage & Floor! Here come the discussion points:
- How do your customers grow, and how does your brand grow with them in the digital acceleration era?
- How do you align between brand values & customer values?
- Successful stories of co-creating brand experience with customers


Mariam Al-Foudery, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Agility

Alfred Tay, Deputy Director, Marketing & Advocacy, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC)

15:20 - 16:00 | Chairperson Closing Remarks & Departure Coffee

15:20 - 16:00 | Chairperson Closing Remarks & Departure Coffee

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