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Previous Agenda – The MarTech Summit Hong Kong

08:15 - 08:50 | Arrival & Networking Breakfast

08:50 - 09:05

Chairperson Introduction & Overview

William Ferrell

Senior Manager, APAC, Ekimetrics

09:05 - 09:45

Panel Discussion | [Conversational Marketing] How to Build Conversations across Multiple Channels and Funnels that Keep You Closer to Your Customers

– How to drive conversions from messages, emails, call conversations effectively?
– How to scale personalised experience to engage with customers in various stages of engagement?
– How does your company leverage ChatGPT to engage with your customers?

Daniel Li

Chief Digital Officer, Personal Banking, Bank of China (Hong Kong)

XingYu Chen

Hong Kong Taiwan IT Head & Business Information Security Leader, P&G

[Moderator] Eric Mui

VP of Sales, Sleekflow

09:45 - 10:05

Keynote Presentation | [Cookieless] Cookies and Cream Without the Cookies is Just…Vanilla: The Missing Ingredient for Individualisation in a Cookieless World

– How you can leverage zero and first-party data to create accurate customer profiles?
– How Twilio Segment’s customer data platform can deliver the unique and individualised experiences your customers crave in a cookieless future

Ben Chamlet

Regional Director, Solution Engineering, APJ, Twilio Segment

10:05 - 10:35

Fireside Chat | [Gamification] Interactive Contents & Gamification in Marketing: Winning Your Customers Over by Letting them Win

– How to engage customers and motivate them to want to come back?
– Successful tactics on gamified techniques in marketing strategy.
– How do you see new innovations fitting into the gamification space?

Vincent Leung

Global Head of Digital Brand Marketing, Lenzing Group

Mark Sage

VP Loyalty & Member Experience, DFS

10:35 - 11:10 | Networking Coffee Break

11:10- 11:50

Panel Discussion | [Data Literacy] How to Enable Teams to Read, Communicate and Harness Data for Marketing Efficiency

– How to assess organisational data literacy?
– What level of understanding of AI currently prevails across sectors? Is there adequate training being conducted in the effective use of AI?
– What is your data literacy programme in the organisation?

[Moderator] Joe Peng

Chief Digital Officer, APAC, BCW

Magda Kotek

Chief Marketing Officer, Asia Pacific, Invesco

Leo Lau

Director, MarTech Lead Asia, Manulife

Dustin Lee

Head of Data Science, Hang Seng Bank

11:50 - 12:10

Keynote Presentation | [Privacy Readiness] The APAC Privacy Imperative – Uncovering Opportunities for Growth Through Privacy Readiness

– Insights on consumer attitudes, business readiness, and the growth opportunities surrounding the present privacy environment based on research findings from APAC in 2022.
– The current state of privacy readiness in the region, and lessons learned from leading businesses adopting a test-and-learn mindset toward investments in privacy readiness.

Tony Lo

Regional Senior Director, Greater China, Verticurl

12:10 - 12:50

Panel Discussion | [Metaverse] How to Create Immersive Experience with Metaverse into Real-Life Marketing for Enhanced Customer Experience

– The role of the Metaverse in enhancing the O2O experience.
– Applications of Metaverse in real-life marketing to create sense of immersion.
– Latest Development of Metaverse and Application.

Andy Luk

Head of Digital Transformation & Insights, HK Express

Chirag Desai

Head of IT Digital & Channels Solutions, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

Do Quoc Chung

Senior Consultant Digital Commerce & Experience, FPT Software

12:50 - 13:50 | Networking Buffet Lunch

Private Executive Luncheon taking place alongside the main summit lunch @The Westminster Room

12:50 – 13:50 | Driving Brand Agility & Growth in a Shifting Consumer Landscape

It’s never been easier for consumers to switch brands and seek novel experiences – and it’s critical now more than ever for brands to keep up with their audience’s changing preferences.

Join Qualtrics for an exclusive Executive Luncheon to discuss how leading brands can drive agility and growth in a shifting consumer landscape with real-time market insights.

Learn how…
• To keep up with changing competitive landscape with real-time insights
• Create a program that is flexible and can quickly change and pivot with the market’s needs
• You can give your leadership team and business units the confidence to act quickly on real-time insights

13:50 - 14:10

Keynote Presentation | [Integrated Marketing] Drive Business Growth through Integrated Marketing Cloud (IMC)

– New marketing communication tools and strategy with new wave of consuming groups.
– How to better understand and act on your customer?
– To build up the platform is not the end rather an endless journey to enable and iterate more and more personalisation use cases in an agile way, with data.

Hua Da

Business Development Director, Convertlab

14:10 - 14:50

Panel Discussion | [Social Marketing] How to Connect Shifting Customer Values and Behaviour to Your Business Beyond Profiting the Brand

– Understanding the role demand generation and lead generation plays in establishing your brand.
– Shifting focus from demand generation roles to brand establishment roles.
– How MarTech Stack is used to help accelerate the “Connectedness”?
– Good stories of value-driven marketing that target beyond profit, build loyalty and retain your customers.

Cecilia Chan

Marketing Director, Asia, Valuation & Advisory Services, Colliers

Philip Chau

Vice President, Head of Marketing, Regal Hotels International

Desmond Phua

Head of Digital Platforms, Group Customer & Strategy, Home Credit Group

Breakout Roundtable taking place alongside the main summit track @The Westminster Room

14:10 – 15:10 | Digital Experience Led Growth: Navigating the Future of Marketing

In today’s digital age, customer experience has become a key differentiator for businesses seeking growth. With the increasing influence of technology, it is crucial for companies to understand and leverage the power of digital experiences.

In this group discussion led by ON24, we will explore the latest trends and best practices in creating meaningful and impactful webinars, virtual events and content experiences that drive growth.

Key takeaways include:
– The future of digital experiences and their impact on business growth
– The use of technology, such as AI and machine learning, to enhance digital experiences
– The importance of data-driven insights in driving sales conversions

Join us as we delve into the world of digital experience led growth and learn how to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape.

14:00 - 15:20 | Executive Workshop

The Power of Customer Success – Building Loyalty and Affinity with your Customers

– How to make customer success strategies effective in order to go beyond traditional CRM and field service
– The ultimate relationship between effort of customer success and level of customer satisfaction

14:50 - 15:20

Fireside Chat | [E-Commerce] Leverage Data and Insights in E-Commerce for Brands to Effectively Grow Revenue

– Stories of brands building E-Commerce & online marketplace ecosystem.
– How to engage with new generation shoppers?
– How to build / leverage first party data around customer?

14:00 - 15:20 | Executive Workshop

The Power of Customer Success – Building Loyalty and Affinity with your Customers

– Building Loyalty and Affinity with your Customers
– Building Loyalty and Affinity with your Customers

Felix Tsui

Chief Strategy Officer, Digital Ventures, HKT

Erik Hohmann

Vice President of Marketing, YesStyle.com

15:20 - 15:50 | Networking Coffee Break

15:50 - 16:10

Keynote Presentation | [Customer Data] Putting Your Customer First: The Secret to Success In The Age of Data

– How businesses can leverage data to gain a deeper understanding of their customers and put them at the centre of their business and operation.
– Step-by-step guide to customer analytics, from data collection to insights generation.
– How to use data to create personalised customer experiences, improve customer retention, and increase customer loyalty with real-world examples of businesses that they have successfully implemented.
– Actionable insights and strategies that they can apply to their own businesses to enhance their customer experience and drive success from zero to hero.

15:50 - 16:50 | Executive Workshop

Preparing for a “Smart” Era – Aligning your Marketing Strategies to Deliver Hybrid Experience

– The essence of Smart Technologies in marketing strategies in order to strive success under a Smart City narrative
– Be “Smart” to overcome customer fatigue and go beyond the New Normal

Michael Camplejohn

Senior Manager, APAC, Ekimetrics

Breakout Roundtable taking place alongside the main summit track @The Westminster Room

15:50 – 16:50 | Explosive Growth Expected for Hong Kong? Market Analysis of Hong Kong’s Retail, FSI and Travel Industry 2023

Learn how you can quickly identify digital growth and beat your competition. Similarweb helps you quickly digest digital data. Through the lens of Retail, FSI and the Travel industries, we uncover replicable tactics to beat competition in any industry. The presentation will include:

– What does the digital traffic tell us about the market in Hong Kong?
– Outlook on Retail, FSI and Travel industries.
– What are successful brands (leading and emerging) doing online?
– How you can leverage Similarweb’s competitive insights for online traffic growth.

16:10 - 16:40

Fireside Chat | [Performance Marketing] What You Really Need to Measure: Setting Key Marketing Metrics for Greater Revenue

– How to maximise returns on your marketing expenditures by putting the most effective advertising and targeted campaigns?
– How to benchmark your marketing performance across multiple channels?
– What are the lessons learnt from the experience and how did you base on the learning for other marketing campaigns?

Alan To

Regional ESG Marketing Director: Asia, Pacific, Middle East & Africa, S&P Global Sustainable1

Keren O'Loan

Marketing Director, Broadridge

16:40 - 17:20

Panel Discussion | [Digital Transformation] How to Deal with Today’s Customers with Yesterday’s Technology

– Does legacy technology still work well today and in the near future?
– How to gain trust and buy-in from all stakeholders, open their minds to the possibilities of new technologies?

Ivy Wong

Head of Marketing, Mobility, Shell Hong Kong

Howard Kwong

Chief Digital Officer, Prudential Hong Kong

Matthieu Sachot

Chief Client Officer, APAC, Natixis CIB

Chairperson Closing Remarks

17:20 - 19:00 | Networking Drinks

Private Executive Dinner taking place @ T’ang Court Restaurant

18:00 – 20:00 | Attention Grabbers: How Brands Drive Better Outcomes with Attention-Focused Strategies

Over dinner we will discuss the topic of attention, how brands are approaching this challenging and not as yet standardised metric and will endeavour to touch on the following areas:

– Why is driving attention a priority for brands right now?
– Why has the conversation shifted from engagement to attention? What does attention accomplish that engagement doesn’t?
– Where is your business on the journey towards attention?
– What is different about our HK market that could pose a challenge in the measurement and planning of attention?
– What do you think it will take for us to see increased adoption of attention-based marketing strategies here in HK and APAC?
– Accurate, scalable attention products are still being developed. What do you hope to see from these products?

End of Summit

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