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Breakout Roundtable: [Maximising Revenue] Uniting Marketing & Sales with the Customer Journey

14:15 - 15:15 GMT | Wednesday 15 May 2024 | The Upstairs Room

What We Will Discuss

Discussion on the Symbiotic Relationship for Enhanced Loyalty, Retention, and Profitability

– How can aligning marketing and sales efforts contribute to enhancing customer loyalty and retention?
– What are some common pain points or challenges in integrating marketing and sales within the customer journey?
– Can you share examples of companies that have successfully united marketing and sales to improve profitability and customer satisfaction?
– How does a synchronised approach to marketing and sales impact customer experience throughout the buying journey?
– What strategies can be implemented to ensure consistent messaging and branding across marketing and sales channels?
– How can data analytics and customer insights be utilised to optimise the alignment of marketing and sales activities?
– What role does personalisation play in fostering customer loyalty and retention within the customer journey?
– How do changes in consumer behaviour and preferences influence the collaboration between marketing and sales teams?
– What are the key metrics or KPIs that organisations should track to measure the success of marketing and sales alignment initiatives?
– In what ways can technology and automation support the integration of marketing and sales efforts to maximise revenue and profitability?


This Roundtable is part of The MarTech Summit Customer Experience London, view the full summit agenda here

The breakout roundtable has a limited 15 seats for Senior-Level Industry Leaders from the field of Marketing from major brands who are based in Europe. Please apply for your seats below, our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your place.


Why Join This Roundtable?

Get heard!

This session will focus on interactive discussions between attendees. It’s time to become the speaker at your table.

Exclusive networking

Limited seats with intensive & in-depth F2F networking experiences.


The ideal platform to share your innovative ideas, plans & doubts with other MarTech enthusiasts before they go live!

Who's Attending

Confirmed attendees include C-level, VP, & Director from the following companies:


The MarTech Roundtable is a platform for top executive thought leaders to deep dive into specific topics. The discussion themes are always changing but will always address pertinent trends, opportunities, pain points, and challenges facing the marketing technology sector today.

The panel of esteemed speakers are invited to share cross-industry perspectives and this interactive exchange will be presided by an experienced moderator. Audience members will help curate the discussion by submitting comments and questions to be addressed live.

The Roundtable format is as varied as its topics, taking place across APAC and Europe, virtually and in-person.

Please email Lin at lduan@themartechsummit.com if you need any assistance.

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