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Sagacity Solutions

Sagacity: Clever, with Data.
Sagacity works with some of the country’s leading brands to support them in making informed marketing decisions powered by the intelligent use of data. Sagacity believes that responsible marketing data should be at the heart of every organisation, and helps its clients to transform their customer data into a structure they can use, enabling them to improve it, make sense of it and drive value from it.
Founded in 2005, Sagacity is a customer-centric business with a World Class +82 Net Promoter Score. While it is sector agnostic, it primarily works with clients across the utilities, telecoms, financial services, charity and retail sectors to improve customer prospecting and marketing, customer management, billing, collections and retention over the lifetime of the customer.
Sagacity has delivered consistent success and ROI for its clients through new customer acquisitions and existing customer retention, customer management, onboarding, and ongoing relationship development to ensure that every consumer is treated like an individual.
Data can reveal the full picture and Sagacity joins the dots.
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