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Executive Roundtable: Bridging the Creative and Media Divide

27 April, 2022 | 2:20p.m. - 3:20p.m. Singapore Standard Time | Room: MR 336 (opposite summit registration desk), Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Bridging the Creative and Media Divide

The evolution of technology has resulted in ever more media channels, platforms and formats. With them, buying and targeting tech and algorithms have brought efficiency to media buying. However Creative remains an afterthought – which is ironic when you consider it is the largest driver of success.

As the industry grapples with a changing media landscape, partly fuelled by privacy concerns – the importance of creativity is rising in CMO’s minds. Marketers don’t just need better quality creative, or faster and more agile production but also much greater creative accountability and insight to help understand what is working and why – and the return on their overall marketing investment (ROMI). This means that both left and right-brained marketers need to collaborate much more closely and ensure the technology is there to support them.

Discussion Topics:

Establishing a digital first mindset across teams: Creative and media teams operate in silo’s with little if any collaboration or sharing. This results in a lack of creative insight, innovation and accountability. Why has this been allowed to happen and what can be done to reverse this?

Getting the right assets, in the right format, on time: ​​It takes most large advertisers over 3 months to launch a campaign following the initial brief. Why has this process become so drawn out and what is the impact?

Delivering a relevant message: ​​90% of marketers plan strategies involving multiple audience segments, but then serve the same ad creative to everyone. Why is this a lost opportunity and what are strategies to resolve this?

Harnessing data for effective creative optimisation: Brands want to understand what content is working and make data-driven decisions. Identifying content to re-use and what isn’t engaging. What creative data needs to be collected and how can brands make effective use of this

Measuring creative ROI: Creative traditionally accounted for 15% of marketing investment, but has been found to deliver 70% of campaign performance. However marketers aren’t measuring the return on this investment effectively and are fixated on media. What is preventing us from measuring creative ROI & overall ROMI?

This in-summit executive Workshop has a limited 15 seats for Senior Industry Leaders from the field of Marketing, Growth, Digital and CX based in Singapore. Please apply your seats below, our team will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your place.


Magda Wolder

Go-To-Market Experience Lead @ LEGO Creative Play Lab, the LEGO Group

Magda is a seasoned creative innovation leader and an audience-centric strategist. Currently, a Go-To-Market Experience lead at the Creative Play Lab at LEGO, based in Singapore. Prior to LEGO, Magda led the Innovation arm for Essence across the APAC region, responsible for driving innovation across Content and Creative for Google, with a specialism in digital channels. Before moving to Singapore, she headed up the EMEA Creative Strategy shop in London for Essence, run regional research and insights function for Netflix in Amsterdam, and led creative strategy for priority entertainment launches at Sky Creative.

Randal Foo

RVP Sales, APAC, Ad-Lib.io

Randal Foo has two decades of experience in digital marketing solutions, primarily in the Asia Pacific region, focused solely on the data side of the equation: digital analytics at IBM, DMPs, and CRMs at Adobe, CDPs at Tealium.  Now having recently made the revelation on the huge and untapped potential in digital creative optimisation, has shifted course and dived headfirst into data-driven creatives with Ad-Lib.io.

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