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TrafficGuard is a global advertising verification company, helping advertisers to avoid wasted spend and unlock the best outcomes. Powered by the immense scale of data and the expertise behind our universal advertising verification suite, TrafficGuard drives superior search advertising performance by verifying advertising engagement as they occur, proactively blocking invalid traffic from infiltrating search campaigns – helping ad spend to reach more real users and protecting the integrity of data that marketers, agencies, designers and developers rely on day in, day out to drive performance improvements. TrafficGuard is based in Australia, headquartered in Perth. The company also has offices in Singapore, and has staff presence also across the UK, Brazil, India and the US, serving over 3000 customers globally. TrafficGuard is part of Adveritas, listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:AV1) For more information, find us at www.trafficguard.ai




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